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Manifest Instantly-A trick of the mind To Get What You Want!

Updated on September 1, 2012

I Can See Myself Doing That! A trick of The Mind!

By Dale Ovenstone: Could this mental trickery be magic, a magic for manifesting our desires that must not become waisted? Find out how to turn this idea into a worthwhile beneficial cause for your own positive outcome. Because simply put, most of the time, 'YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU EXPECT!'

You get a much better chance of doing whatever you want to do in a physical action or scenario, when you ‘SEE in your mind’s eye YOURSELF doing it first!’

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘I can’t see myself doing that?’ (A negative trait, especially if it is something that you can attempt safely but something only minor is holding you back)

And have you heard the opposing phrase ‘Yeah, I can see me doing that?’ (A positive trait, especially when it is something achievable that would benefit you or someone else)

Now this ‘Yeah, I can see me doing that?’ phrase or meaning is a very powerful idea & must not be wasted!

Your idea can be just a brief flash of inspiration of your desired thought of the moment, coupled with you yourself, actually living this scenario out in the particular moment, as pictured from your mind! & all this can happen in a flash!

This process alone is a very powerful emotional inspiration which, above everything else concerning using mental power of manifesting an ideal outcome, will have the biggest impact of the success, of your thought, transformed into the moments of your future reality physically, to act out on impulse from this thought or idea alone.

To sum up, without further analyzing of the outcome you just act out on impulse instead! And because you told yourself ‘you can see yourself doing that’ because you have just mentally seen yourself doing whatever you are about to do you already in your mind in a flash of inspiration, you already knew (or should I say, PRACTISED in your mind) it was the right thing to do so you just do it.

You would then probably achieve what you want successfully because you have pictured yourself as if you were there, doing this thing, just by briefly acting it out via an inspirational moment within your imagination.

Even though, only briefly, & because you have seen yourself actually doing whatever it is your thinking of at that time, you obviously have received this manifestation of the mind because you have naturally expected the positive outcome that you want, so your success must be real! (In your mind, so if this is the case, it must be real!)

And this is good in certain situations or conflicts whereas you need to think quickly & on your feet.

But when you use the same procedures regularly & focus over time onto a given subject, outcome or an ability of your physicality, you should soon receive your thought out results because you have not only seen, but you have even acted it out in your imagination, over time.

This is the power of focusing on, & practising mentally, any physical action you want to take place in the future!

You are telling yourself honestly that you are worthy of whatever it is that you are thinking of right there & then, & that is because you are actually doing it, (well, in your mind anyway) which in turn creates a certain vibration within you both mentally, & physically, which spreads this energy of your worthiness & capabilities out into the universal law of attraction, & you get back what you put in!

Now you may need to read the above information again before you understand how this process works, because this is the power of how ‘what you think, believe, expect & receive mentally’ will hold the key to your manifestations, both in your physical abilities scenarios & actions, & in your future possessions!

So, can YOU SEE yourself doing that? A trick of the mind!

Let me know what you think? Dale Ovenstone


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