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I can't stay awake! Here are 5 ways to keep your eyes open.

Updated on September 4, 2011

I can't stay awake! Here are 5 ways to keep your eyes open.

Maybe you are pulling an all nighter and having to go to work, or you suffer from major insomnia that suddenly disappears while you are traveling in your car. It doesn't matter about anything else in the world. All you know is that you have to keep your eyes open. YOU NEED TO STAY AWAKE! How the hell can you do this easily? Well here are my 5 ways to keep your eyes open.

5 ways to keep your eyes open:

  • Caffine -- Drink 5 cups of coffee. That should do it. Coffee should get your heart pumping to a point where it will leave you wide awake. But be aware of the hard crash that comes right after the caffeine leaves your system.
  • Cool air -- Make sure you have cool air flowing into the area that you are occupying. You don't want to be in an area that feels warm like you are under a blanket in a cozy bed. Turn that AC on high to chill you awake.
  • Exercise -- If you are not a caffeine type of person, try getting your heart pumping a different way. Go out and exercise. Run, walk, swim, jog, or bike a mile or 10. Just make sure that heart is beating to a point that doesn't imitate resting. If your heart is beating too slowly, you are risking falling asleep.
  • Conversation -- Talk to someone. They say that if you are falling asleep behind the wheel, you should pull over and rest, but they also say to get your passenger to talk to you. The conversation will easily interrupt any chance for you to fall asleep.
  • Music -- Blast that music nice and loud. The loudness of the tunes should help you from falling asleep. Try turning the volume know to 11....

These were 5 ways to keep your eyes open when you are falling asleep. Use these methods to prevent you from getting fired at work or crashing a car. Hope they help...a little. Bye.


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