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I can't stop sweating! Excessive sweating what can cause it and how to stop it.

Updated on October 21, 2012

This is something recently reared it's ugly head again. I first noticed my excessive sweating when I was about 14,15 years old at school. I'd sit in class and notice I'd be sweating for no reason, it wasn't hot, I wasn't in PE class either I was just sitting there. I was a healthy kid, bmxing, skating and mountain biking every minute I could. I wasn't over weight I was pretty trim. Which started to make me think this was something else, more psychological. The more it started to happen the more I took notice of when it did and when it didn't. The knock on effect to this is I became very conscious of it and when I thought about it hey presto it would start to happen.The weird thing was, it didn't smell. I suppose one consolation to this annoying problem. I tried different anti perspirants and some actually made the problem worse, I would react to some of them. I did learn though that you should using anti perspirants for your under arms not deodorant. Deodorant is just a perfume, it doesn't have any properties to stop you perspiring, so if you are suffering from excessive sweating make sure you're using an anti perspirant on your under arms. After using some of them well advertised top brands and my sweating was still occurring. I was a shy kid at school and I put my excessive sweating down to being in situations I felt uncomfortable, conversations I didn't want to be a part of or around a group that weren't my usual click of friends. I avoided these situations and the sweating reduced. I also noticed that when I was in a very cold room or somewhere where there was air conditioning it would trigger my sweating off.

After a while as I got a bit older and went through the things that embaress you as a teen, and it seemed to go away. Then I started working and this opened me up to a whole new world and a host of new challenges, it came back. I realised if I wore a t shirt underneath it would give me the security that if I did start to sweat it wouldn't show through. Knowing that if I did sweat It wouldn't show, actually stopped me sweating on most occasions but it wasn't a cure and I hated wearing a t shirt under shirts, So I went to the doctors about it. What a waste of time that was, my doctor told me that it was very common and something you'll grow out of, It was down to anxiety of certain situations. There was a procedure where you could have your sweat glans snipped which would stop the problem. No Thanks!

 In my late teens it started to get me down, it never happened when I was at home or in normal situations working on my cars, going to the shops etc. I could even do a hard session in the gym and last place I would sweat was on my underarms. I was embarresed to talk about it and the people I could talk to about never saw it happen as it mostly happened whilst I was in work or if I was wearing a t shirt such as grey one that made me concious of my sweating. I told my friend about it who worked in a pharmacy and he showed me Mitchum roll on's, I had used them before and there were good but still didnt stop it, so he spoke to the pharmasist, who put in my hand the answer to stop my excessive sweating. It was called Anhydrol Forte he just said try this, you have to put in on before you go to bed and wash it off in the morning. I bought but wasn't hopefull.

I followed the directions and went to work the next day. Wow, not a drop! I was in my normal environment at work that made me conscious (Talking and dealing with some very important people) and I didn't sweat one bit. It actually gave me confidence that I was normal again. I continued to use it daily and the stuff worked faultlessly, I even started take it only once or twice a week rather than every day as it was giving me lasting effects and because I was as conscious about it, this probably played a part in my problem stopping. The bottle lasted ages as you don't need to apply very much,combined with just having to put in once or twice a week the tiny bottle lasted. After the bottle ran out I didn't by another and for a good few years I didn't need it. I even introduced a work colleague too at my new job, as I spotted the t shirt under the shirt trick.

I'm now in a new job, I'm older, I'm less active and the problem is back and I think worse than ever. I think my diet has a big part to play in it this time, its the same patterns, I get it at work and hardly at all in my social life. So I've found myself needing a bottle on Anhydrol Forte again only this time I couldn't find any in my local pharmacy's. I was shown an alternative Driclor I was skeptical, I wanted what I knew worked but I needed something fast and for my new working week so I bought it. I applied as normal and used very little, the next day it was working full swing. I was very happy.

I feel your pain if you are suffering from excessive sweating. The root of the problem is anxiety in certain situations. If you asked anyone who knows me they probably would say Im very confident and I am to a certain extent but I still suffer from this. I hate having to wear only certain colours or wearing a T shirt underneath. I was lucky to find the above 2 products as they're not advertised like conventional anti perspirants like, sure. If you do suffer from excessive sweating I would say do the following 5 things first before using the above.

  • Increase your daily water intake
  • Exercise more
  • Make sure you're using an anti perspirant on your under arms not a deodorant.
  • Try products like Mitchum, first.
  • Tackle your anxiety

You should also see your doctor, there maybe an underlying issue that you need to address which causes excessive sweating. I hope that the two products I have mentioned help you on the road to recovery of this embarrassing problem.

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    • profile image

      mas01 4 years ago

      I know what you are going through. I completely isolated myself as I was very conscious about my condition. I tried everything but the only thing I could not try was the injection as I can't take anything going inside my body. About a year ago a friend told me about this product called AHC and I can 100% tell you that it worked for me. As BubbleBathGirl mentionned in the post, I will highly recommend it as it did wonders for me.

      Hope this helps.

    • profile image

      BubbleBathGirl 5 years ago

      I totally identify with everything you went through! I've suffered from hyperhidrosis in my armpits for years now, and finding products that helped has been a real pain! The weak ones never did the job, and the strong ones would end up giving me a rash, because of my sensitive skin!

      Going to work was an absolute pain, because I was so active that I would soak through parts of my top, and would end up getting odd looks from customers who couldn't understand why I was sweating so much...

      In the end I found a nice antiperspirant that was gentle enough not to give me a rash, but still dealt with the problem really well! If you're interested, it's called AHC, and you can get it from Amazon and a few other retailers!

    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 6 years ago from England

      Thank you for your comment,Kym. Im glad that is only a case now of using these roll ons to stop this problem. Im glad there's an alternative to surgical proceedures. I'd love to not use them im sure that will happen as I get older.