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I keep asking myself "What if?"

Updated on November 26, 2015

This is the question that won’t leave my head. It all started when I went to a Get Motivated Business Seminar in St. Louis, MO on October 26, 2015. I joined 500 plus people at a great event all about getting motivated to change aspects of my life. My business, my finances, my spiritual growth. I left the seminar with a renewed energy to take some risks, try something new and most importantly ask myself everyday WHAT IF?

You see at this seminar there were several speakers that just made me remember that I am a dreamer and I know that I can change my situation if I just take a little action, but nothing is going to change until I change what I am doing, how I am doing it and believing that I can do great things for my family, my community and ultimately this world.

Is it going to be an overnight success story that hits the front page of magazines? Probably not, but WHAT IF it does? WHAT IF making one small change every day leads to a success story that I have only read about in books and heard about at conferences? WHAT IF I start every day thinking that greatness is going to happen? WHAT IF I stop being afraid of change and embrace change with my whole heart, my whole soul, my whole being? WHAT IF I embark on a journey to explore new ways of thinking and doing? These are just a few of my initial WHAT IF questions that have been in every thought since that seminar. WHAT IF?

The more I thought about these initial WHAT IF questions other questions came to mind. WHAT IF my family believes that the things I learned at one seminar will change everything for our future? WHAT IF my daughter watches me achieve the greatness that God has put into me and she learns that she can do it too. WHAT IF my husband changes the way he thinks and joins me in this journey? WHAT IF my family becomes a success story? WHAT IF my family becomes a powerful motivating source for others who have struggled their whole life because they were afraid to change their situation? WHAT IF we were on stage as a family motivating others to stop and ask themselves the very questions that I am asking now? WHAT IF?

Then this list led me to just start writing and so I started writing my story. Everyone has a story to tell and I am going to share my story.


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