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I wanted to lose weight but always failed until!

Updated on November 2, 2009

Sticking to the plan

 "If you want to make your good friends laugh, tell them your plans and how  you failed”

You might be big but at least you get a good laugh when you tell your story, Right?

I have seen this so often amongst my friends.

Is this compensation for your true feelings of failure?

Are you overweight?

 Fat and failed at losing those pounds?

Tried every fad diet on the market and failed?

Lost a few pounds only to watch them pile back on and more?

 We are a group of tubbies trying to motivate each other to lose weight.  To be honest I think joining groups like this has just served to comfort my failings and this just has to stop.

My friends are lovely, genuine and warm individuals but right now I need to break free to fight the fat.

Did i want to continue being the joker in the crowd, laughing at my own failures?

Of course not, nobody does,  but sometimes this is what makes us feel good when we are trying to convince ourselves that it is ok to be fat. When we know we have tried and failed so many times.

There are two important words here, Trying and failed.

There is no doubt that i wanted to lose the pounds, proof is in the price i paid for the numerous fad diets that didn’t work.

Enthusiasm to begin each time was plentiful, however, that enthusiasm was confused with the word “trying”

Trying was a word i needed to get rid of. Trying is your first step to failure.

I needed inspiration and a goal.

I needed to change.

I needed to walk the talk.

Every person I've seen go through a change goes through a similar set of emotions —

First of all they are very enthusiastic.

The enthusiasm turns to an idea and the idea is set in motion. This takes hard work and effort, in my case a bit of hunger and even abstinace and longing.

I needed to find something to replace this longing or I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I was sneaking in the odd sweet or biscuit to compensate.  

I took another look at my diet and realised that this was an all or nothing diet.

This was stupid, here I was trying to fulfil another persons diet that worked for them. A diet that was made u for an already “ stick thin” Hollywood star.  This would be trying. Trying to accomplish something that wasn’t for me.

To be successful you need to really sit down and make a plan that is realistic.

Tailor that plan for you.  Make sure that you can achieve your goal without trying. Make it achievable. The weight loss might take longer but you will get there quicker if you break it up into smaller goals.

Instead of focusing on weight I put up my first goals like this:

Goal 1:  Fitting into 1 smaller dress size.

Goal 2:  After achieving the first goal.  Having one small sweet bar each week to compensate for earlier failures and breaking the diet after 4 weeks..

Goal 3: Buy a new pair of trousers. Be able to walk out of the dressing room at the store to look in a mirror. Dare to show myself.

Goal 4: Start to train at the gym ( Dare to exercise with others ) This goal was placed as number 4 because I have never had the courage to do this before.

Goal 5: Evaluate where I am in my diet and make new goals. Make new recipe goals and reduce calorie intake for phase 2.

I intend to write about each phase and how I found the motivation to continue.

I hope that my story can help some others who have been fighting the bulge and searching for motivation to continue.


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