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Updated on December 29, 2010


 Being still under treatment at the Festive time adds a pressure element to things. Clearly, whatever you feel like, you need to remember that those around you are rightly consumed by the time of year and the wish to celebrate without undue worry about you, your prospects and current condition.

The trouble is that the treatment timetable pays scant regard to the Festivities.I had hoped that by getting the immune booster injections altered to tablet form that I would be free of side effects for the period. However, I knew that the INTRATHEDAL LUMBAR PUNCTURE,administered on Dec 22 would, if it reacted as the first one had done, would be affecting me adversely by the time Christmas duly arrived I was correct, but this time the side effects differed. Previously, the effect was to produce a severe headache, lasting over 10 days, making life difficult.

Thankfully, this time I was spared that, though aware of some pressure inside the skull. Instead, the side effects centered on my fingers, wrists. thighs, ankles and toes. The return of the tingling factor may seem trivial, but doubled to the fact it makes simple things like doing up buttons difficult, and sends a real shot of pain through you it you touch anything with the finger tips or stub a toe and you will appreciate that they are not pleasant at all. Thighs go slab like and the wrong type of movement easily brings on cramp, which is severe at times. Combined they are, with the usual sapping of energy, a darned nuisance at any time, let alone at a time of general merriment.

A large application of POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE is called for as a result and looking at each day and the events contained, essential in preparation. Christmas and Boxing Day were the 2 main events involving others, so it required preparation, best behaviour and not getting involved in debates which could cause an even greater shortening of my already short fuse.

In the event, all passed of well and if my highlights were getting to bed at night, I delayed them by staying up watching Cricket on TV. that is pure self inflicted injury, so waste no sympathy on me! Mind you, for the first time in years, I have remembered what it is not to get up again till 10 am!

The effects continue still but given that little is now demanded socially of me till New Year"s Eve, we can see it through. Wedding Anniversary for my wife and Ion Dec 30 is always a private thing so we have no problems there. New Year"s Eve has a complication in that 3 small children will be around and the advice is to steer clear of sprogs on infection and low immunity grounds. The jury is still debating that one as I compose this Hub.

Essentially, this Hub has set out to deal with the small, but important things that impinge on the treatment and the treated and which are there all the time but heightened at times such as these and which need extra preparation and planning on behalf of all concerned. Trivial almost, but also vital and thus, a paradox,


A  further week will pass til I have INTRATHECAL 3 and a consultation with the Specialist on the same day. This time, results of PET/CT Scan 3 will be in front of us, so a definitive prognosis will be on the table and I shall learn what else, if anything is in store. Currently my PMA embraces the probability of CHOP 8 and INTRATECAL 4 being ordered but as yet, I am keeping at arm"s length, the possibility of a 3/4 week Hospital stay for the High Dose Chemotherapy mentioned weeks ago, but not spoken of since. Maybe Jan 6 2011 will be the day they return to it again!


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