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Updated on September 13, 2010


 Following my first CHOP session and return home on Sat, it is pleasing to report things as they were, with side effects so far not a problem. The use of anti sickness pills is paying off for me and the saline wash after each meal is keeping the mouth fine.

Down below, the battle rages, but I can walk well and that raises my spirits.A sedentary session with light weights has also made me feel better ,so I do not feel physically useless, though how much mobility and agility has gone for the moment is not worth thinking about. I am reminded always, how soon we are into this programme and must expect setbacks, but for now it is just a great relief to be as I am. Even though I crave for full health greedily

Yesterday, we had the lovely surprise of an unexpected visit from Son No 1 and wife en route home after attending The Last Night Of The Proms the evening before.They live 180 miles away, so even a detour en route is not to be sneezed at when they lead such busy lives. It is moments like those that are truly priceless and uplifting and also helps take pressure off my wife who can have a different focus for conversation and concentration from me for awhile. As I do this she is finishing her patio container Garden, having decided  that as we now are not going away, we can embrace the English Autumn in full colour.

SO,! Progress to date is all that could have been hoped for, we even have the pill taking organisation sorted. Next watershed for me, the injections that start on the 15 via Dist Nurse aimed at stimulating the bone marrow production of corpuscles to aid immunity during treatment. More side effect possibilities to contemplate.Must read up ready for them and see if I need to start preventative measures.


I am going to see my affable GP , Dr B tomorrow!. He has the Hospital diagnosis and treatment plan in documentary form now and will be able to both answer my extra questions and arrange top up prescriptions for ant-sickness etc. I look forward to seeing always. We tend to talk a lot about Cricket!!


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