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Updated on August 24, 2010


 Take nothing for grated will be my watchword on my Treatment programme. Having been told that Weds this week would be CT scan day for me last Thursday and not having had a firm appointment confirmed, I went back to the well yesterday. At my hospital, as ever friendly and helpful they were sure the paperwork had been sent but gave me a number to call to confirm.

Getting through was a breeze and another friendly ,young lady, who told me she does the bookings, said that though no paperwork for me had arrived she was reserving me a slot, to give it till 3.30pm Tues for the stuff to get to her.Could not be fairer than that!

I returned to my Hospital who again, were confident it had gone but would recheck and call me back.Thus ,5 minutes later I am told the guy who does it has been off but has been contacted personally and will deal. Good job I checked do you not think?

So now I wait to hear a firm time, with a deadline of 3.30 pm today in my head. I will have to ring and check later as I cannot bear the thought of a wasted week.

The strangest thing about deadline time ,being 3,30pm ,is that it is the exact time I would have been jetting off to the sun, save for the need for treatment's to commence asap. Sort of spooky.


Being Tuesday, we are to search the Gluten Free aisle at our largest supermarket, she who knows about such things having identified it as a quiet day in the usual turmoil. I want more macaroons, gluten free spaghetti and who knows what else, as well as my favoured pigs liver for breakfast consumption. My son is bringing me tripe at the weekend and lamb shanks as well. My cup may run over.

I have turned to drink! You will be familiar with a SPRITZER! I drink ITZER!!Just the same but no wine. Superb! I have had not one thought of a glass of wine or GnT for 5 weeks. Does anyone out there know if this could be permanent? I used to have a glass of red daily with dinner and a GnT before bedtime. Never crosses my mind these days. Any ideas? Not that I mind you know.


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