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Updated on August 31, 2010


 Having had various descriptions of Bone Marrow removal for tests, I did not look forward to my 9.30am appointment today.

In the event , things went very well. My wife was allowed to accompany me to the procedure room, where I was placed in a foetal positions on a bed unit.

After disinfecting the area, the young Doctor, who advise me each step of the way, then administered a local anaesthetic to the pelvic area. I had a wall to contemplate as things progressed.

Firstly, a needle was inserted and apart fro a couple of twinges that was all. My wife fared less well as she turned to see the very large needle taking out the marrow, to the disturbance of her semi circular canals and legs. Thankfully being seated she averted her gaze and all was well with her.

Part two involves chipping a bit off my pelvic bone and again I did not know this had been done till the Doctor said all was finished. All my fears for nothing and  hopefully this will reassure others who may face the procedure.

 A 10 minute rest later and we were both happily on our way home.


The team looking after me now have, bone marrow, pelvic bone 9 phials of blood, CT Scan and full Heat and Lung details Thursday at 3.45 is when we gather for the cleared prognosis and until then apprehension rules. By Friday, good, bad or indifferent I will post the details her and after that, as they say, is another game


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