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Updated on September 3, 2010


 Yesterday was the meeting with the ops team following all the tests.The Doctor who had taken a load of my bone marrow was there to give us the bad, and the god news.!

Bad news! The lymphoma near my liver is at Stage 4 ,could be worse! The good news is they were going to give it a zapping with CHOP Chemo. Apparently this is excellent news. My son swiftly confirmed this with a secret oncologist friend who gave it all a big thumbs up.Second opinion instant!

CHOP is used to cover4 unpronounceable elements in the Chemo make up and is given maily by injection. The first dollop is done with an overnight stay for sensible reasons and after that I am a day patient. Prednisolone, a steroid used to be taken by my father for asthma , is in tablet form.I was pleased to note anti sickness pills were on the menu, as retching is something I detest.

Each treatment is given with 9/14 days according to what is used, the rest time to help the body recover from side effects etc.It is quite clear that as a patient you have a key part to play in recognizing and advising at once, any side effect felt.

So the battleground is set ,now we need to get on it.


The hospital has put the bureaucracy into go mode, so we await the letters, phone calls and directions that will begin to flow and like a well trained private, I shall present myself as ever called. My family support team humble me, such is their love and care. If I ever needed an incentive to take on the fight, my wife, sons and grandchildren have surely provided it. Tomorrow, who knows? Yett regardless of the battles to be fought, they convince me constantly that we can not fail to win this wall, nor shall we!.


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