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Updated on February 1, 2011

Any fruit is good fruit. Some studies find a lower risk of cancer among people who eat more fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids and vitamin C. Others find a lower risk among people who eat more of any fruits or vegetables. But fruit aficionados may want to pick the most nutritious of the bunch. So each fruit a rating by adding up its key nutrients. Vitamin C, carotenoids, folate, potassium, water, fats, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, iron, zinc phosphorus and fiber. We also added calcium and iron which are less common in fruit so you can compare scores for fruits to those for vegetables. After comparing various types of fruit the guava turned out to be the most nutritious one.

Guava has the following content analysis such as water 76.2%, fiber 8%, fat 0.2%, protein 1.1%, calcium 0.1%, carbohydrates 14.5%, iron 1mg/100g, vitamin C 300mg/100g, vitamin A 170ugRE, vitamin B2 0.2mg, folate 0.1mg, potassium 257mg, zinc 6.8mg, phosphorus 9mg.
Tropical fruit having a light yellow or green skin and white, pink or dark-red edible flesh.
Guavas are apple-or pear shaped
The Guava tree can grow up to 12cm long
Guava tastes like a combination of pear and strawberry
The seeds of guavas are edible
The feijoa is the guava's brother. It is green and more elongated.
A specific type of Feijoa is the pineapple guava.
Are tropical fruit so do not keep them in the refrigerator. Guava and feijoas can be kept for a few days on a fruit bowl at room temperature.
Are a big type of berry
Do not peel guavas because the edible rind contains a lot of vitamin C. Guava is five times more than an organ.
Are great thirst quenchers and contain very much vitamin C and much iron.

For Treatment of Constipation
Guava has a mild laxative effect. It does not produce liquid defecatios cramps or any other side effects, relative to irritant laxatives. The guava is therefore ideal for people, who are suffering from intestinal laziness. Some of such cases last four years and in the process, some patients tend to try the application of many other laxative substances.Yet, without any success.
For Controlling Cholesterol Level
Guava seed contain some polyunsaturated fatty acids,, which are useful for the treatment of excess cholesterol. This hypolipidemic (reducing) effect id due to the fruit's rich content of soluble fiber.
For its Depurative Properties
Guava leaves have some depurative effects on the toxic substances in the blood, such as uric acid. Hence, some tea made from the leaves is recommended for arthritis and gout patients. This tea is desirable whenever the blood needs to be cleansed of toxic substances.
As a Cure for Hypertension
Guava is regarded as one of the most effective remedies for cases of lower blood pressure (hypertension), since it normalizes the blood pressure.

It is advisable for people to eat more guava fin order to be more healthy.


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      chuubby 10 months ago

      this is a great site to udse

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      swety 3 years ago

      Ya I came to know the importance of guva .I will try to daily

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      D.C.Yadav 3 years ago

      I agree Guava is nutritious fruit l use to take .One should take plenty of Guava fruit.

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      Sheriff 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot for the job weldone. But, is true that the guava seeds can cause kidney or apendisitis?