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Updated on February 7, 2015

No one was born to fail

The journey to greatness is a very painful one, because it involves sacrifice with non-stop persistence. The stories of great men sound like fairy tales but the process involved to attain greatness is a risk-taking adventure. Some people are wealthy without being great, while some are great without being wealthy; but greatness is the key that unlocks the doors of wealth.

Great men are great achievers, because they get themselves involved with habits that push them further than they normally go, which helps them accomplish what was thought impossible.

The first step that achievers take is that they discover themselves by finding what means a lot to them. It may be your career, your family, your money, your health, leading in your community, or something else. Find something that boosts you up. That drive is the key to a big accomplishment because it will push you through the pain and sacrifice it takes to get there. If you must find your true passion, there are certain question you should ask yourself, questions like;

  • What makes you feel confident in your abilities?
  • What inspires you?
  • What feeds your creativity?
  • What is it that you find joy doing all the time?
  • What do you love to talk about?

These are primarily most important questions that achievers asked themselves before they got to their present level. I must say that it’s not easy to discover and invest on your abilities, except when the available materials are present. It’s important also to create an inspiring vision and start moving towards achieving your dream. This is made possible by doing the following;

  • See yourself the way you want to be: achievers always have a picture of what they want to become. If you don’t create a picture in your mind, a picture of what you see yourself to become, you may not have the full conviction to live into your dreams. Create a picture of your future because you cannot feature in the future that you do not picture.
  • Know the reason for your existence: for every human on the face of the earth, there is a reason why God made us all. Residing deep inside you are priceless treasures that should be worked upon. When a problem is born, a solution is also born. You are the solution to a born and presently existing problem, just that you’ve not known this in details. This is the reason for your existence. Your educational qualification has nothing to do with the reason why you were born. Once that problem is solved, the world will bow to your manifestation.

When the goal you're attempting to pursue is great, then you’ll need more hands on deck to bring it to fruition. I have come to believe that in life, there is no accidental failure. Any failure that occurs in your part is as a result of your agreement with it. Maybe due to lack of determination and persistence in whatever you’re doing. The failure we experience sometimes is a feedback from our poor inputs. When we try to learn from the past mistakes and failures, we build a strong wall of defense against the cause of that failure. Great achievers don’t give up when things go wrong in their lives. They even become more enthusiastic to discover the cause of their misfortune.

Albert Einstein was seen as a dullard from his child hood. Albert Einstein didn’t speak until three years of age and it took him several more years after that before he could speak fluently. He couldn’t read until he was seven years of age in elementary school. This was a struggle for him, which led to many people suspecting him of being retarded. It’s been told that when his school teachers asked him a question he took “forever” to answer even silently mouthing the words to himself before slowly speaking them out loud. In fact, many people believed Einstein would never succeed at anything.

Einstein didn’t give it on his higher education, but continued to face difficulties at every turn. He applied to the Swiss Federal Institute of technology but failed the entrance exam and had to take it a second time for he was admitted to the school. The school even rejected his doctoral dissertation and called it irrelevant and fanciful, which I would suspect came back to haunt them years later when his brilliance was evident to the entire world.

After he finally graduated from college, he got a job as a clerk in a patent office. He said that he liked that job because it was mostly mindless and allowed him free time study and research scientific theories he was working on time. He stated in this job for a while but continued being very absent-minded. It is said that he often forgot simple things such as making sure he put on his socks before his shoes, and it is also told that he once misplaced the company’s day payroll check because he use it as a bookmark in his research.

Regardless of all of Einstein’s setbacks and rejection by the general public and education, he continued his studies experimentation and work on his theories. In fact, it was not until after one of Einstein’s first theories the special theory of relativity was published that the scientific community and the world truly recognized his great talents. However, even then many scientists throughout the world ridiculed him and attacked his theories calling them worthless and useless, and even going as far as saying that Einstein does not have a logical mind.

Most of the times, we wait for opportunities to show up when we can create one for ourselves. Opportunities are discovered through commitment. Your gift or talent has the ability to employ you for a life time. It is an opportunity to be created. Use it to solve problems. Seek for cooperation, and not competition. Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom, and define your values. Also create core values for people around you; it could be a life saving wire for you when you’re down. Always know that you will never achieve anything great without failing.

Your mind is the realm of all possibilities. An untapped gold mine. The perception and the way you see yourself will either bring you to a lime light or to the lower levels of the society. See yourself as the greatest, because you were born as a solution to a problem.


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