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Updated on May 7, 2011





In the early spring months of 2008 my thoughts on chiropractics where changed for ever. My original thought was that they where a bunch of quacks, to say the least. I certainly did not view there methods as a reliable source of healing. This was based on my own ignorance, and lack of interest in learning about the subject. It was not until my wife and I became desperate to find an alternative to risky surgery to repair the damage to our daughters nerves caused by the incompetence of the doctors who delivered her, that my eyes were opened. (See also our hub on Erb’s Palsy ) It was the opinions of those same doctors who had caused , miss-diagnosed, and miss treated my daughters condition who recommended that she have surgery to repair her/their damage, which by the way they just try to brush off as “it could happen to anyone.” By this point we had obviously lost all trust in their abilities to word it nicely, and started looking into things for ourselves. Not being able to find much other than what we had already been hearing, we both hit our knees in prayer. According to the doctors, we needed to hurry up and decide on whether we where going to proceed with the surgery. Their claims where that in order to see any improvement, we would have to do it right away. But as usual My GOD answered our prayers with great haste. Only a few days had past before my brother who lives 3,000 miles away called us to not only tell us about a new procedure called Quantum Neurology, but also to give us the name and number of the man GOD was going to use to heal our daughter. (Isn’t YAHWEH Awesome!!!) The name of this man was Dr. Marc Schwartz of Annapolis, MD. The reason I can truly say this was a miracle from GOD is that for one, it worked, and two my brother lives in San Diego California which is over 3,000 miles away from Annapolis.(My Brother by the way is a Fitness Trainer in case anyone reading this is looking for one.) We live only 30 minuets from Annapolis. (Big deal you might say, just a coincidence ) Anyone can look someone up on the internet right? The thing is this connection came about through a personal friend of my brother’s who is into sports medicine and went to the same classes on Quantum Neurology as Marc. This friend of my brothers just so happened to remember Marcs name and that he was from Maryland. (Still think this was just by chance?) Needless to say the timing was impeccable and the convenience was nothing short of Divine Intervention. As you can probably imagine, our response to the doctor’s advise for surgery was not well accepted at all. They warned us that this was not an approved medical procedure. At that point in time, after our experiences so far with “medical procedures” that only made our choice even easier. The only thing that kept us from filing a malpractice suit against the doctors, was the faithfulness of my GOD in healing our daughter. So the doctor in question should at this time be asking him self if he believes in miracles as well, hmmm.

This story could probably stop here and still prove my point, but wait there’s more. Sure my daughters story proves that chiropractors are more than just back cracking whacko’s, but are they all this much of a blessing? To answer that question, you will have to bear with me through yet another tail of misery and of course my own ignorance. I am an iron worker by trade, thus proving my hardheadedness to be severe. So after injuring my back trying to make my boss rich, I thought maybe it was time for me to see a chiropractor myself. The fact that I couldn’t walk made this an easy decision for my wife, who eventually convinced me too. So under the influence of stupidity I scheduled an appointment with the chiropractor in my town, rather than driving over to see Dr Marc. This was not the dumbest thing I had ever done, the fact that I saw him twice was! The first time I went to see this butcher, he asked me to CLIMB onto this table. Since I was already on all fours like a dog, it was about six feet over my head. When he returned from laughing at me in the hallway with his secretary, he told me to relax. He explained to me, that if I did not relax I could really get hurt. His words of wisdom were of great comfort, as he braced himself with one leg against the wall as for better leverage. At this point, it already hurt just to think about what he was intending to do to me. Then to my surprise, as if to say I am going to go on three. He started to breath as though he were in labor, then tried to touch my knees to the table 180 degrees in the opposite direction then the rest of my body. He did this to me about six times during this visit. After each time he twisted me, he would step out for a minute. It’s as if he were going out to the hallway, to collect bets on how many times he could do this without me suing him. After I regained consciousness, he said I would probably be in some pain for a few more days, but if I didn’t see any improvement in two to three days to come back. Like I said, this was not the dumbest thing I had ever done YET! After three days had past I was almost able to breath without pain, and stupidity won out again. The next visit was Just as fun, except I think he made it all the way to ten times before stopping. The only thing I can say about his technique is that it is consistent, though I did not return for my third appointment.

At this point, my wife suggested that I should see Marc. So after about two weeks of pain and suffering, I told her I should see if Marc could help me. (It’s no wonder she thinks I am a genius.) But back to the story, now where was I again? Oh-yea my visit with Dr. Marc Schwartz of Annapolis, MD. So I meaning my wife called ATLAS CHIROPRACTICS and made an appointment for me, and I was seen right away. Now I had seen the inside of his office before, because of our visits with our daughter. But I guess I never really appreciated his choices in equipment, till it was convenient to my situation. After my past two experiences, I was glad to see his table. Lets just say that this is a compassionate man. His examining table was vertical, so you walk strait in and just lean forward.( no climbing ) Once you are in position, the table is gently rotated to a horizontal position. This alone was a blessing, but it doesn’t stop here. After locating the problem (My very bottom vertebra were my spine and hips come together was out of alignment.) He simply took this very non invasive tool, (it appeared to be spring loaded) and He placed it directly against the knot in my lower back, and just gave it a little click. I felt almost nothing, and was almost in shock when He asked me to stand up and see if it was any better. As I walked around the room in disbelief , I couldn’t help but praise God. Although He was unable to cure my stubbornness, He has realigned by back twice since and kept me able to make my boss a boatload of money.

So this has been my experience with CHIROPRATICS and Dr. Marc Schwartz at ATLAS CHIROPRACTICS of Annapolis, MD.


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    • restrelax profile image

      restrelax 6 years ago from Los angeles CA

      Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Chiropractic San Diego 7 years ago

      Chiropractic is an alternative medical system. It takes a different approach from standard medicine in treating health problems. A lot of people consider it to be able to provide faster and long lasting relief in terms of spine injuries.

    • profile image

      chiropractor calgary 8 years ago

      Nice overview of several different approaches, although most people are aware of many, it’s nice to run over them in one place to refresh your memory.