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Is Stress Causing You a Slow Death?

Updated on August 23, 2015

What Is Stress?

Stress is that state of mind which is a result of overly demanding circumstances,situations or some times even a particular person. This can harm your physical and mental state adversely. It is not all bad , sometimes stress released can actually be good for you, as it helps you keep your work updated on time , but when this activity of our body starts messing with our other vital body activity and daily affairs it becomes chronic form of stress. according to biology, some hormones and chemicals are released in our body which creates a euphoria, now this happening of euphoria depends on the situation due to which stress is caused. sometimes simple happy things can cause stress as well. It is basically the over secretion of hormones and chemicals in our blood stream which can either be a "HIGH" or a "LOW"

Types Of Stress

Like any other disease STRESS too have its different types, ready to hunt you down before you know what exactly is happening.


This type of stress is basically the result of our own body mechanism, which release hormones in any traumatic or shocking circumstances.

:this type of stress is however necessary for our body in order to keep our neural system active and to keep our adrenaline in check" says doctors.

acute stress if lasts for a long time in our brain as a terrifying memory can even raise psychological health problems, which is harmful for us both physically and mentally. If a particular person linger on those terrifying moments can actually invite a brain hemorrhage or cerebral hemorrhage leading your way straight to DEATH.


How To Deal With Acute Stress

  1. As discussed above acute stress is a type of stress which is usually caused by our daily activities at work place, home extra so by adding little efforts we can make our way..
  2. Drink a lot of water, it will not only help you to keep your body weight in control, but it will calm your nerves down too and will be a helper in maintaining your body balance.
  3. A little bit of yoga wont harm too, doing yoga or meditation is considered very effective in case of stress.
  4. Spend some quality times with your loved ones. This thing actually helps to keep your relationships in check as well.
  5. Live in really not virtually.
  6. Stop being self centered.

How To Identify Acute Stress

If you are stressing with your mood swings then you have acute stress, it is a red sign for your emotional health. And can cause constant head aches , body aches, hypertension and bowel formations.

Episodic Stress

Episodic is also a type of stress, which is constant and recurring form of acute stress. This type of stress disorder can be easily detected in day dreamers. We can say that when dreams and reality have conflicts this stress decides to pay visit.

How To Identify Episodic Stress

People having this disorder are always over the edge.

  1. they are more aggressive
  2. more competitive
  3. very demanding
  4. had a past
  5. and posses all the acute stress symptoms as well
  6. you will start having migrane pains

How To Deal With Episodic Stress

  1. drink water.
  2. stop overthinking
  3. stop over analyzing every situation.
  4. do exercise, yoga and meditation.
  5. socialize.
  6. have a doze of reality
  7. try to control your anger by different anger management therapies.
  8. visit a psychiatrist.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is very sardonic , it will not fill your blood with adrenaline but will separate you from yourself, it is capable of erasing your identity as well. Chronic stress is an another outcome of a basic stress, it is caused due to constant worry and lack of attention.

How To Identify Chronic Stress

it can be easily found in the person who is dealing with stress for a long time. following symptoms are observed.

  1. constant headache.
  2. constant sweating
  3. concentration problems.
  4. mood swings
  5. migrane.
  6. any disease
  7. sleeping disorder
  8. eating disorder.


How To Deal With Chronic Stress



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    • asmyra profile image

      PARUL SHARMA 2 years ago from INDIA

      actually this stress has emerged as a serious disease from past 20-30 years because of increasing amount of workload, competition and change in lifestyle. If we are able to set a balance between things we can easily beat stress

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 2 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I've seen it happen. Where I work, we deal with the transition of estates down through the generations. We have seen 50 something's keel over from heart attacks without warning. When we have chronic stress, we must take steps necessary to reduce it or deal with it, otherwise, we are a walking epitaph!