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IWAKU – Discover the New Generation Wake Up & SAD Light for this winter

Updated on November 3, 2014

Desiring a revolutionary SAD Light that would intelligently adjust to your sleep cycle and gives you effective bright light therapy, the IWAKU is the perfect solution. This fabulously designed seasonal affective disorder light makes use of your smartphone and built in sensors to provide the best light therapy solution. With its advanced integrated technology, the IWAKU starts intensifying prior to your morning wake up call, stimulating your brain to speed up your physiological systems leaving you energised by the time you open your eyes. Feeling lack of energy during the day, making use of the IWAKU in the morning as a Bright SAD Light will boost your mood and energy.

How can the IWAKU be so apart from other wake up lights?

Very simply, the IWAKU is wirelessly controlled by an application on your smartphone (Android, IOS). The built in motion sensor in your smartphone is used by the IWAKU to determine the sleep phase you are in. The IWAKU starts brightening up in your lighter sleep phase. This modern design SAD Light brings technology closer and exploits the full potential of your smartphone as a body monitoring device as well as a personal well-being hub.

What’s left for you to do?

Download the app***. Set your alarm at the time you want to wake up. Have your smartphone on your bedside which will communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth with the IWAKU to monitor your sleep cycle. The next morning, the IWAKU will slowly turn on with your favourite music (previously set) and will just brighten your day.

***The Iwaku app is available on the App Store. The app works on all Apple mobile devices that have the latest Bluetooth Smart (4.0 / LE) technology such as the iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C and iPad3/4/Mini. If you are not using iOS 7 you need to update.

The free Iwaku app is also available for Android devices. The Iwaku communicates using Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0 / Low Energy), this app will only work with devices running on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and higher, as this the first Android version with full support for Bluetooth Smart. Please check your Android version on your device at "Settings/About device" and update if possible. Besides Android 4.3 or higher your device also needs to have Bluetooth Smart, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note3, HTC One, Google Nexus 5 & 7.

IWAKU – The best that technology can bring for your health while bidding farewell to all SAD moods. Available from



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