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Why Some People Do not Like to be Vegetarian

Updated on August 20, 2015
Chinese Cabbage
Chinese Cabbage | Source

My friend said, she'd rather die eating the foods she loves.

Starting is always the hardest part to do in every task. But once you start the task right, you will find out that it is not as hard as you think.

Just like shifting from a non-vegetarian to a vegetarian; it is not at all a joke. It will start from tough, tougher to toughest. There will always come a time when you want to quit.

It’s true, shifting diet could be very difficult. Imagine if you are the type of person who savors anything with gusto, it can be a struggle shifting to another type of food from what you are used to eating.

My friends and relatives are all asking my sister and I how we were able to survive eating only vegetables and how we did it for several years. We’ve been vegetarians since 1998.

Some people do not understand why we have to go vegetarian.

One even said that she would rather die eating the foods she loves than suffer craving and longing the foods she wants to eat when she shifts to a vegetarian meal.

To quote her exact words, she said, “Count me out. I’d rather die eating my favorite foods than forced to eat what I don’t like. I’m afraid becoming a vegetarian will lead me to my early demise rather than give me a healthier life.”

Vegetarian Pancit (Noodles)
Vegetarian Pancit (Noodles) | Source

Vegetables cannot provide all the nutrients the body needs.

Most people think that vegetables cannot provide for all the food nutrients that the body needs.

My friend was worried that we will get sick eating only vegetables. According to her, we cannot get all the food nutrients from vegetables alone. I have researched and found out that there is no need to worry when it comes to nutrients from vegetables because there are different types of vegetables that can provide all the nutrients that the body needs.

I have stopped worrying because for more than ten years that my sister and I have been vegetarian, we never got sick seriously except for colds and cough which happens very rarely.

If vegetables cannot provide for the food nutrients; we would be sick by now.

I am not one-sided when it comes to choices. What can work for me could be the opposite of what others may experience. Just like some people who say that when they eat only veggies, they become weak so they cannot become vegetarian.

I am writing and sharing my experience here. In my case, I become weak when I eat meat for a few days. It is as if my energy is being sucked and I don’t understand why. My body becomes sluggish and I feel sick if I continue eating meat and see foods for a few days. So feeling like this made me decide to remain a vegetarian forever.

I recommend vegetarian foods

I always recommend becoming a vegetarian to those who listen since this is what healed my sister when she got very sick in 1998. She was advised to omit all meat diets which she religiously did. That was it! She was totally healed and never got seriously ill again. My sister grew lumps all over her neck and armpits that made her very sick in 1998. After only a month of becoming a vegetarian, through the advice of a faith healer who diagnosed her, the lumps from my sister’s neck and armpit shrunk then they slowly disappeared.

It wasn’t an easy journey, though, but the result of the tough battle was truly amazing.

My sister can never go back to her meats since even small amounts of meat makes her sick. Once she tried to eat meat for a few days and a small lump started developing below her ear. She stopped her meat and fish diet and bowed to stick to being a pure vegetarian forever.

I have the same experience as my sister. I was healed from an on and off UTI (urinary tract infection). When I am on diet, it stops but once I eat meat and fish, the uneasiness comes back again. So, becoming a pure vegetarian is my only option.

I have been a vegetarian since 1998, so I can vouch for the healthy benefits that I am enjoying. As I always say, there’s nothing wrong in trying to become a vegetarian if that is what will heal you. But of course, becoming a vegetarian is not easy. You can go vegetarian today and change your mind tomorrow, but at least you tried. I have friends who have tried and quit on the third day, but there are those who are trying to eat more greens than meat.

I always feel happy when a friend suddenly tells me, “I am eating more greens now than meat.”

Well, there’s nothing wrong with meat diets but if you want to try pure veggies from time to time, it won't hurt a bit.

Can vegetables provide complete food nutrients for the body?

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