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Id.Ivanoff's Thoughts - Internet and other Addictions

Updated on January 3, 2014

Author's Note: This article is part of a hub series simply called 'Id.Ivanoff's Thoughts.' In these articles I will be expressing my personal opinion and thoughts regarding a certain topic. If you want, feel free to comment and give ideas about what I should write next. For more information about me and if you want to read more of my writing work - you can follow me either here on contact me at either one of my other social network accounts.

I am addicted to the internet

A lot of people experience this problem. Internet addiction is something almost every person living in a first world country has. But is this actually a serious condition? What exactly is Internet addiction, should we keep the young children away from the internet? Should we try to deal with our internet addiction? These are all questions we will be dicussing in the following article, so if you are interested - grab a cup of coffee, light up a cigarette and start reading.

Are you addicted to the internet?

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Everyone is addicted to something

Even if you don't admit it, you are addicted to something. Whether it would be chocolate, cigarettes, drinking, a certain game, a certain social network or the internet as a whole, you are addicted to something. And although most people believe that addiction is a bad thing, I believe the opposite.

Yes, I am addicted to the internet, but isn't the internet what is connecting us at the moment? The Internet is a platform for expressing yourself as a whole. I am a freelance article writer, so I do work online, I also entertain myself with either videos from YouTube or pictures from sites such as 9Gag and Hugelol. I tend to check my Facebook regularly and chat through Skype. Even the programs I use and the games I play either require internet connection or are in the cloud. Without Internet I couldn't do any of those.

But why should this be a bad thing? Yes, I am spending most of my time on the internet, but I am quite the opposite of a social outcast. And most people that are addicted to the internet are like me. Normal people, who go out often, spend time with friends, but when they are back home, they connect to the internet.

Addictions should not be dealt with

Yes, I do sometimes check my gmail and my facebook when I am actually out with my friends. However, although there where situations where everyone is just looking at their phones and not communicating with one another, these situations are a rare happening.

It is good when you are addicted to something. I believe even cigarettes and caffeine are not such a bad thing, when it comes to getting addicted to something. Why is that?

I believe everything nowadays is bad for you and your health. I believe even if you try to live a healthy life, you simply could not succeed at fullest. Yes, that doesn't mean you should kill yourself faster, but what does actually kill you?

In my opinion, if you are addicted to something as long as it is not as serious as drugs or something that will definitely kill you or harm you, you shouldn't try to deal with your addiction. You should simply enjoy yourself.

What do you think?

Do you share my believes or do you think that if you are addicted to something you should definitely reach for help?

Leave your notes in the comments below.


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