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Ideal body with little effort-25 steps

Updated on September 25, 2009

You are still assured an ideal body is a far the embodiment? And that only show business stars and long-legged models possess such treasure? It is not quite truth. You cannot reach an ideal, because its simply dos not exist. But it is possible to come nearer to the chosen standard and pass this way a light step as possible. For this purpose just need..........

1. You need to go on step!

When a person walks upstairs, he burns as much calories for a minute, as during jogging! So maybe it is necessary to prefer pedestrian lifting to lifting to lift though sometimes?!

2. Help your stomach

mint tea will help to prevent stomach swelling, thereby, promoting digestion. Watch the food. Exclude from the diet (or at least reduce to a consumption minimum) fried potato, hamburgers, chips and other products which are able to spoil not only a stomach, but also figure skilfully. if you suddenly went to have a snacks, stop your choice on vegetable salad or fruit yogurt. As advertising says. It is both tasty and useful!

3. Do not forget about feet

Do not be lazy to peel and feed your stops.

Pick up a daily cream for them. They will remain soft, as if you are a baby.

4. Strengthen your press

           To make your stomach flat, it is completely not obligatory to sit on long wearisome diets and visit an exercise room regularly. It is enough to like and carry out simple exercise regularly.  

           Lying on a floor, bend feet, having pressed stop to a floor. Hands on a snaps.Strain stomach muscles, raise a trunk so that only shovels and shoulders came off a floor. It is necessary to stay in such position (Count to 4 slowly). Fall to a starting position rising. - exhale air falling -  inhale, press strengthening will allow your stomach being always fit. 

5. Straighten or twist hair

At the expense of straight vertical locks more harmonious, but owners of straight hair can sometimes transform them in to amusing ringlets. It diversifies your appearance and wiil make you more confident

6. Choose the right colour

Try to define what color really suits you, and which one it is better to refuse. Such trifle as color of cloths, actually perfectly underline advantages and hides lacks. For example, cloths of one shade will visually create an effect of more harmonious silhouette.

7. Eat dried fruits

Fig. dried apricots, prunes-they contain a lot of micro cells and vitamins. Indulge yourself, diversify your diet and at the same time supply an organism with vitamins. 

8. Choos chocalate

Chocolate is not harmful, even for those who constantly watches their figure and do not dare eat sweets. However, only dark chocolate (approximately 70%) can be named useful. It contains many beans of cocoa and minimum quantity of sugar.

9. Eat regularly

Your body will just have no forces to remain beautiful, if you have no breakfast, spend lunch time at meeting, and chews sandwiches in a break. Try to eat often, but in mall protions, do not eat after 6 p.m. It is also very impotent not to eat during breaks between meals. This addication can add you some kgs of excess weight.

10. make friends with sports

Also you shold know, not the quantity of training is importent, but their quality. Even short training for 10 minits can promote improvement of your figure and health strengthening

11. Say yes to heels !

Let's start with the fact that they can visually extend feet. Besides they promote strengthening of muscles, feet look more harmonious. And thongs on ankles bring the whole.effect of lengthening to nothing. Shoes on a platform can also spoil a silhouette. The most optimum variant- a heel not higher than then 5cm

12. Do not take

great interest in diets. Professionals say it promotes delay of metabolism of muscular  weight. Therefore  an  organism  starts  requiring  products  containing  much fat. And fasting days are really useful!  Just starve and eat with mind.        

13. Laugh, smile!

After all if you laugh loudly with all the hart, stomach muscles will be in work. And cheerful people always draw attention.

14. Grow fond of grapefruits

It is possible to get rid of hypostases by means of their juice, after all this is a natural diuretic. You receive a real power charge from one glass grapefruit juice, as it is rich with vitamin C.

15. Watch calories

Be afraid of high-calories and fat dishes. Yes, for example, our favorite cakes. Or Fried potato. It is better to eat fish, boiled rice, and vegetables.

16. Stand up straight

Thanks to a good bearing you can not only look slimmer [after all it adds growth].Your breath becomes deeper, so – cells will be enriched by oxygen well.

17. Trace degree

After all alcohol also promotes superfluous kgs.It will be ideal to exclude all alcoholic drinks, but after all it is almost unreal. Therefore it is possible to drink white wine preliminary mixed with mineral water.  

18. Struggle with cellulite

Today cosmetic market offers lots of excellent mans, which will help you struggling against “orange-peel”  

19. Do not abuse yourself

Even if you have eaten a huge chocolate bar and couple of creamy ice-cream portions. Usually people eat a lot because of loneliness or boredom. Try to diversify your life, eat in company. You will have no time and possibility to eat food in considerable quantities.

20. Observe measure

Eat gradually, but frequently. Arrange fasting days regularly, but not excessively.

21. Pool is an excellent pastime

And also a wonderful mean to support an organism in a tone. Besides swimming barns fats and results heart work in norm.

22. Drink water

8 Glass a day. It is possible to add a lemon segment or dilute water with apple juice. It promotes digestion and reduces appetite

23. Do not forget about depilation

Get rid from grown hairs at home or in salon. After all they do not decorate us at all.

24. Watch hands

Note well-groomed hands spoil both mood, and shape. Do manicure regularly: you will be pleased, and associate will note you.

25. Support high self-estimation!

Even if at times self-trust leaves you, just cheer up and recollect something pleasant.


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