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Ideal exercise partners - What you should look for

Updated on March 29, 2007

Sites such as "Find an Exercise Partner" and "Free World Exercise Partners" are a great resource for finding people to work out with in your area- however, PLEASE BE CAREFUL in doing so, be sure to meet your workout partner in a public place and workout with them only in public places and during day hours, always think SAFETY FIRST!

Exercising alone day in and day out can sometimes be a hard task. Sometimes we need extra motivation, and one of the best ways to get that is form another person. Working out with a partner adds many extra benefits including:

  • Staying motivated- a partner can help push you and keep your going when you are feeling tired or weak.
  • Working harder- working with someone else usually focuses us to push harder and to get longer and better workouts in
  • Staying safe- working out with someone keeps us safe, be it lifting at the gym or running on a trail, it is always safer to have a buddy with you.

Fitness means something different for all of us and it is important to consider this when seeking a partner, if you follow these easy steps you will have a better chance of finding an exercise partner that is right for you:

Similar Goals

It is important to find a partner who has similar goals as yourself. If you want to be able to run a marathon and your partner is content with just jogging to stay in shape, he/she may not be able to provide the type of motivation you need in order to complete your goals. Similarly if you just want to run to stay in shape your partner wants to be able to run a marathon your partner may push you too hard and turn you off from working out.

Similar Workouts

You need someone who wants to do the same type of workout as you. For example, if you are training to bicycle in a race and your partner is into weightlifting you probably aren't a good fit for each other, although lifting weights while training to bike is good cross-training, you need a partner who can participate daily in the workouts which your will be completing. And just like above, if you want to run a marathon and your partner only wants to run a 5K your not a good fit either, even though you are both running you will need someone to train 14 miles with you, not want to stop after 5!

Similar Fitness Level

It is important to find someone around the same fitness level as yourself. Someone below your fitness level may hold you back and not allow you to reach your full potential, while someone far above your fitness level may make you work too hard and cause injury or even just turn you off from exercise.

Exercise partners can improve your performance, decrease the time it takes to reach your goals and help you to develop friendships with people who have interests like yours. In short, exercise partners are an unexpected benefit to exercise.


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