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How I naturally induced my labors

Updated on April 16, 2014

There are many options

I had my first child when I was 38 weeks and 1 day. I had my second son when I was 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant. When I was first pregnant I didn’t believe in trying to make myself go into labor. I figured when my body was ready it would do what it needed to do. I also did not want to start having any medical intervention like a doctor striping my membrane, or any other way to induce my labor. As I took classes, I learned that medical intervention could increase the changes that you may end up with a C-section. I did not want this to happen, which is why I looked for more “natural” ways to get my labor started. There were a few things I found. Some of them I tried, and some I did not. I was more excited about early labor with my second child, since with my first, I was prepared to go past my due date. This is what most people told me to expect, so when I started labor almost 2 weeks early, I was very surprised!

I did not feel like siting on the pot all night, so I skipped the castor oil option. I also did not like the idea of drinking that. I was afraid I would go into labor and have to run into the bathroom! I did not that sounded like a fun labor. I was also feeling like I did not want to explore having my husband help me in the bedroom. I was not feeling very sexy, and couldn’t stand the thought of jumpstarting my labor with sex. There were, however a few things I tried. I chose the ideas I felt were safest and most comfortable for our baby and me.

Choose the best options for you

I started with one of the ideas that sounded the best. My cousin had started contractions after a pedicure. I had asked my hair stylist about it, and she said there are certain places on the foot, that if you are ready for labor, can get things started. She said she would always avoid these areas on women who were not far enough along in her pregnancy to have a healthy baby. It sounded like a great idea to not only get a massage, but a baby too. Who doesn’t want a massage? I scheduled a full body massage, since most of my muscles in my back were sore anyway. When I received my massage, I (not so patiently) waited for something to happen. In the mean time, I was not opposed to trying other options.

The next option I chose was to try spicy foods. I had jalapenos on my pizza, and I had hot sauce on anything I could stand. I added red pepper flakes to most meals. I was not too much of a spicy food eater prior to this, so it took some getting used to. It also took a lot of tissues! Almost every meal my nose was running. I was going all out. I was under the impression if a little was good more was better. This is something I have proven in my life does not typically work. My husband also thought this was an entertaining way for me to try. My coworkers also had fun watching me sweat.

For the next couple of days I spent my time going up and down stairs and going for a couple walks while on my breaks at work. This served two purposes: 1. This helped me feel better about myself and get rid of some extra calories. 2 This was another way I heard of jump-starting labor. I joked with my husband that when I did finally go into labor I would be sore and too tired to push! Nonetheless, I did continue with my increased activity. It was then I went to my chiropractor to relieve some increasing pain in my back. She told me about another way to safely look at starting labor. Evening Primrose Oil was her suggestion.

What worked for others may not work for you

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Above all be safe and educated

I did a little research, and then I spoke to my OB/GYN. She told me it was safe to take, so I started taking the Primrose Oil. Amazon has the supplement and books about it. I used the herbal supplement since I didn’t want to spend a large amount of money. I did have success in going into labor and having both my boys early. I cannot say for sure which of the different things I tried was the one that worked, or if it was a combination of them. I am sure part of it had to do with my body, and baby being ready. I would never want to get ahead of that and have a baby before he or she was done growing properly.

It is also possible, even by my own OB’s admission, that due dates can be slightly off. Maybe my body just cooks the “bun in the oven” 38 weeks, or causes medical staff to give me a wrong due date. My doctor told me that sometimes a woman’s body can make it so it is difficult to get an exact due date. For this reason, I would never take an extreme measure to start labor. Even while I was in the hospital for my second baby I was asked if I wanted my water broken. My response was, “I don’t believe anyone who is having a healthy pregnancy and is 38 weeks along needs to have her water broken.” It just seems wrong to me, and as I told my mother with my first pregnancy, I would much rather go overdue and let the baby come when ready, than have a harder labor that was not meant to be started yet. With anything to do with me, or my baby is when I was the most cautious in my health, so it is important to make sure you know the side effects of anything you are putting in your body while pregnant. This is a precious life, and I wanted to take every precaution to ensure I was protecting it as well as I could.

© 2014 Erin Trefz


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