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Ideas to Try Shopping Addiction Treatment

Updated on August 28, 2012

The movie Confessions of a Shopaholic managed to touch a nerve in lots of people. And that's why it became a cult hit after it was released to the home movie circuit. To many people, going shopping isn’t just about going after buying some of the things they need. It's going shopping because they feel restless if they don't. When your hobby involves actually spending money every time you take it up, you can be sure that you'll come into big trouble one day. Needless to say, anyone with such a problem has to seek out shopping addiction treatment as early down the line as possible – before they actually hit rock bottom and hit personal bankruptcy.

A lot of the time, you don’t really need professional help. Shopping addiction treatment is easily done DIY if you can find the heart and the will to keep trying. There is no better therapy in the world that than constantly trying to change yourself.

Discover How To Treat Shopping Addiction

The thing is, if your primary way of escaping your daily drudgery is to blow your paycheck on something or the other all the time, you're just going to push yourself into a worse kind of drudgery. Everyone does enjoy going out and blowing money on something fun. It's difference though when you do it on a regular basis. What you need to do is to find a different way to engage your restlessness.

Often, taking up some kind of strenuous physical activity is all you need to blow some steam off. Learn martial arts, running, dancing or anything else as often as you need, and if it's activated really engages you, you'll succeed in channeling your restlessness and harmless and even a positive way.

These don't just work because they help you release a little pent up energy. They also work because when you do any of these things, you tend to mix up with people – with new kinds of people. Socializing is always a great way to keep your mind healthy and focus on what it means to be normal.

If you just like to meet people without bothering with the activities, use the services of websites like MeetUp that allows you to meet people for a cause are just fine.

Sometimes, you will find that channeling your shopping energy proves be a bit hard. Sometimes, your shopping impulse just exists because it does. It isn't about restlessness or anything. Certainly, it can be a bit harder to break the habit that exists for no rhyme or reason. But it still can be done. You need to work on the self-discipline.

But self-discipline works only when you make a real plan. And if you really stick to it. Usually, your mind tries to trick you into slipping up by getting you to make small allowances. If you tell yourself that at the grocery store, you are to only buy the groceries you need for the following week, your mind will begin by telling you that buying the coffeepot there that's on sale would just be a very small departure from the plan that didn't count.

Your mind will tell you that you've been really good for a few minutes now, and you deserve to give yourself a little reward by indulging yourself. You really need to know though that a rule is a rule.


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    • rodney80 profile image

      rodney80 5 years ago

      Sure, try to get some job in jungle in Congo or Amazon rain forest,lol.

      Use your will power. Every morning say yourself that today you are not going to buy anything. Stick to that resolution for that day again next day morning make same decision. Do it for few days and see you can control yourself gradually.

      This method is the best way to quit any addiction.

    • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

      Jack Hazen 5 years ago from Blitzburgh area

      I have a shopping addiction.

      I prowl thrift stores and garage sales like a total predator.

      I just got back from the Salvation Army thrift store. Wednesday is half-price day. You got to get there early, like when it opens. Actually, I go the day before and scope out my prey. Like I "hide" stuff I want to buy the next day.

      So I bought 3 shirts, a pair of pants, a bunch of books, and several things I have no idea what I'm going to do with, all for $12.36. A coupe months ago I bought some shoes for $2.00 and they are so comfortable I haven't taken them off since, except when I take a shower or go to bed.

      You got any suggestions for my addiction?