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If Wombs Had Windows How Many More Babies Would Be Alive Today?

Updated on June 7, 2013

If Wombs Had Windows How Many More Babies Would Be Alive Today??

If wombs had windows how many  babies would be alive today?

How many  less babies ,like trash, would all be thrown away?

Would a woman  feel a mother's love they had never felt before?

 Have we gone so far from God there's little mother's love anymore

A small and innocent animal they may hold so  close to their heart

But the child that grows within  their body they will have it torn apart.

The world may see tragic deaths,terrible scenes  so wicked and wild.

But will the media ever show to you the body of an aborted child?

If there was not such secrecy how many  more would be alive today?

It would be so much better to give birth  and  then give the child away.

If only a woman could see inside and watch as the young  babe grows.

Could she then abort that little baby? Only  Our God in Heaven knows.

What The Lord gives ,mere man has not  the right to take it away

How many would have been, should have been great men someday ?

On that Great Day ,tell me what can they say and how will they  feel

When they stand before God and find too late, God's Judgment is real?


It is so hard to understand  how anyone could

kill an innocent little baby. I  know there are 

times that the mother may not be able to care 

for a  child but there are so  many  couples that 

would love to have a child and sometimes 

adoption is the only  option for them.Our 

country has made many  bad laws  and this 

is one of the worst , the killing of babies.

The law makers will stand before God on

Judgment Day ,too,and what can they say?


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