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Dental Implants Not Properly Cleaned leads To Peri-Implantitis

Updated on March 24, 2017
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Retired clinical dental assistant instructor from S.F.V.A.M.C..and wrote articles on preventive dentistry for employee newspaper.

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What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a substitute for the roots missing teeth. The implants act as an anchor for a replacement tooth, crown or a set of missing teeth. Dental Implants can also stabilize dentures to allow you to chew more comfortable and eliminate the need of using denture adhesive. But, if they are not properly taken care of they can lead to a dental disease called peri-implantitis.

Peri-Implantitis is an inflammation of gum tissue around a dental implant. Which is closely related to dental periodontal disease.

Some of the signs and symptoms of peri-implantitis are: bleeding gums, loss of supporting the bone under the gums around the neck of the implant, gum shrinkage around the implant, cap or crown. The gums become red, puffy, tender, and sore when brushing and flossing around the implant exposing on top of it a gray or black metal edge, and possible loss of the implant.

Some of the causes of peri-implantitis are : poor oral hygiene, smoking, bruxism (stress, teeth grinding and clenching the teeth). bacteria under the gums next to the implant, plaque not removed when brushing and flossing the teeth, plaque /tartar building -up on the implant, faulty restorations, cement left following a restoration delivery, and or loose components can play a role in the development of peri-implantitis

Treatment for peri-implantitis is: A dentist will do a complete examination of the gum tissue around the implant with an instrument called a perio-probe, check to see if the cap or crown is loose, can be re-fitted or have to be removed.


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      Linda 14 months ago

      When you go to the dentist to get dental implants be sure that the dentist give you a full oral examination and tell you what side effects will occur if they don't clean them very well. Because if you mouth is not in good and healthy condition your implant will fail and you will be out of a lot of money.