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If You Have Hemorrhoids and Need Relief or Treatment-Read This

Updated on November 24, 2014

Treatment for hemorroids is extremely important for sufferers

Hemorrhoids are one of the most embarrassing and personal matters that you can have. The subject is more than sensitive and even difficult to even talk about. Some people are too humiliated to even discuss the situation with their physician. For those that have hemorroids and need relief or treatment read this. You are in the right place.

Hemorrhoids and their treatment are something that is a multibillion dollar business each and every year so you are not alone. Over 10 million Americans suffer from hemorrhoids or “piles” as they are sometimes called. This is a condition that can happen to anyone. The schoolteacher, the 3 year old playing in the park, the grandmother or the teenager surfing the web can all have hemorrhoids. The one thing they all have in common besides the hemorrhoids is the need for treatment and relief from the symptoms. These include pain, swelling, itching that interferes with your overall life.

What causes the disorder

It is possible to develop them due to a number of various causes or a combination of more than one. They come from bad luck or even heredity. Many pregnant women have never had the condition develop them during pregnancy or immediately following delivery. More than a few physicians contribute this to the enormous amount of pressure on the pelvic region. Regardless of why you get these the most frustrating thing about them is they are painful and reoccur once you get them the first time.

Types of Hemorrhoids

There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external. There is a definition to define which is which. When a hemorrhoid extends beyond the anus it is identified as external. All other hemorrhoids are internal.


Sufferers can do several things to treat the swelling, itching and pain to find relief. Over the counter medicines will offer temporary relief. The major issue is where they are located. Sitting, standing even laying down can bring pain.

There are over the counter creams for sale which provide some numbing and soothing relief but it’s only temporary unless the swelling reduces. Along with numbing and soothing there are also medications over the counter which helps to reduce swelling in the area. In addition, pads or wipes with smaller amounts of the same types of medications help for a little while and are less expensive.

You need to contact your doctor if you don’t find complete relief for a prescription strength med or find some improvement with over the counter treatment with items picked up in your local pharmacy. He typically refers you to a medical specialist called a proctologist for further treatment.

The best hemorroid treatment will relieve a patient's pain

Symptoms can be embarrassing. one symptom  is bleeding and itching along with swelling in the general area.
Symptoms can be embarrassing. one symptom is bleeding and itching along with swelling in the general area. | Source
Many of these have blood clots and thrombosis. They throb and are very painful. One of the best kinds of treatments to ease the swelling, pain and itching that accompanies hemorroids is found with excellent over the counter medications on the market
Many of these have blood clots and thrombosis. They throb and are very painful. One of the best kinds of treatments to ease the swelling, pain and itching that accompanies hemorroids is found with excellent over the counter medications on the market | Source

An easy asset for finding a family physician from Amazon

Surgery is a last ditch effort to treat hemorroids

Most sufferers find relief with the over the counter treatment. The immediate relief to the burning and the itching comes almost immediately, but must be reapplied. Walking, sitting, running or even lying down is uncomfortable in most situations.

Hemorrhoid surgery

For some patients a surgical intervention is required for treatment. This is quite rare. However, countless ask their personal physicians about this method of taking care of them because it does offer permanent relief and the likelihood of not being bothered with this condition anymore is almost 100%.

Who gets the surgery

Most physicians consider this method of relief as a last resort after all other remedies have failed. They typically review each patient on an individual basis and consider various factors before opting for going in this direction. Surgery is typically reserved for the worse cases and come with another entire set of complications and things that could go wrong.

Anyone gets hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids have been a condition hounding countless people from all walks of life for nearly a thousand years. There have been all sorts of cures and remedies developed for treating this embarrassing and painful condition throughout the years. As the years have passed and technology has investigated causes and issues of this disorder there has been some advancement but not as much as you would have expected.

There are lots of unanswered questions when it comes to this particular disease, but investigation into causes and treatment continues on.

In conclusion

If you are a patient suffering from hemorrhoids, try the over the counter medications at your local pharmacy when the first symptoms appear. If the over the counter meds don’t help or improve the situation, make a visit to your family physician.

After an exam, discuss other types of medications or treatment plans with him. He will determine if you need the services of a specialist called a proctologist for further services. Surgery is a final and last result for many sufferers of the worse cases

Natural home remedy treatment

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