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If your child displays hyperactivity this could be a sign that they have ADHD

Updated on September 21, 2011

ADHD differs from ADD because of the occurrence of hyperactivity. There are many parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD who prefer not to have their child medicated. This is due to the bad publicity that many of these drugs have had over the years as well as because of the very disturbing side-effects that can result when the medications are taken. Some children respond favorably to the medications while others do not and as a result many parents are now turning to alternative ways and means of treating the disorder in their children.

There are a lot of home treatment options that can be very beneficial in helping to lessen the symptoms associated with ADHD in children as well as in grownups but the approaches differ. However it is important to understand that before treatment can commence there needs to be a thorough understanding of what the disorder is so that a daily routine or structure can be formulated and support systems can be put in place. If your child has ADHD you will need to work together with their school teachers to help to improve their behavior and their ability to function better. When you educate yourself about ADHD you can be of much greater benefit to your child.

A child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is very often a difficult child to care for and the parent is often left feeling both mentally and physically drained. It is vital that parents understand the need and importance of taking care of themselves as well as taking care of the child. When you are in top physical and mental condition you will be in a far better condition to help your ADHD child who will require a lot of your energy and commitment. Make sure that you do the right amount of research about the disorder so that you can learn as much as possible about it. This means familiarizing yourself with the associated symptoms and determining what the specific symptoms are that your child is displaying. When you are able to understand the condition you will be able to make the right choices and decisions regarding treatment for your child. Another very important skill that parents need to master is behavior management skills. Very often the ADHD child will need help to learn how to interact appropriately with others and you can help them when you have these skills. Remember that a very important part of this means that you will need to establish both natural and logical consequences that result because of inappropriate behavior or misbehavior so that that the child will learn about consequences resulting from actions.

Part of treating the child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder involves changing their diet. Although studies have yet to determine a link between certain foods and their influence on the symptoms of the disorder it is generally accepted that such foods do exist. For example foods that contain a lot of sugar, including fruits with high amounts of natural sugar, additives, preservatives, colorants, etc. are known to result in hyperactive behavior in children. By eliminating these from the child's diet you are bound to see behavior that is considerably calmer. Likewise introducing certain foods to the diet of the ADHD child can also have remarkable benefits in helping them to concentrate better and function better so that their academic performance is improved. You will be able to find much information pertaining to which foods need to be avoided and which should be included in your child's diet.

It is important to bear in mind that for the child it can be very difficult to go without the foods that they love and to switch to those foods that will benefit them in controlling the symptoms of their ADHD. Therefore be sure to reward your child when they agree to try these foods. If you find that your child is not coping well it might be time to consider the more conventional approach to treating this disorder which will involve medications.


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