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Iherb Discount Coupon Code DOB496

Updated on May 11, 2011

Looking For Good Food and Sports Supplements Vendor?

Look no further. Yes, I know this line may sound like a cliche, but you will see for yourself that it fits just right. Do you take care for your health with food supplements? Vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, everything essential for good health. Or do you work out actively and like the aid of sports supplements? Maybe you prefer natural organic cosmetics with no dangerous ingredients like parabens?

I do too. Over the years I've purchased from many vendors both off and on line. Some have better prices on certain products, while others have better prices on other products. Some may have a good price on certain product, but the shipping charges compensate for the lower price.

Recently I stumbled upon the iherb webstore. At first I was quite dazzled by the sheer volume of their inventory - from food, to sports supplements, to whole foods and natural cosmetics. I literally spend weeks, hours in a row every evening going through and reviewing all the different brands and products. The next thing I was truly shocked about were the prices. The prices on most of the products I've seen in their webstore are the most competitive prices around! I was stunned. So I decided to order. The shipping charges were extremely low - one can barely believe, considering that some vendors charge over 20$ for regular international shipping. (iherb is California based and I live in Bulgaria). The final positive star for iherb was the speed of delivery - I got my package for about two weeks. Which is an excellent timeframe for regular international shipping. And they had shipped it with priority for just 4$ that I paid!

In the website you can browse based on brand name, supplement name, ingredient or condition specific key words. And, of course, you can use the store search box!

So, prices, variety and customer service - all is Ace in iherb! Now I am deidcated fan of this vendor. And want to share it with everybody! Go and check it out and judge for yourself!

  • Use this promo code at check out - DOB496 - it will give you 5$ OFF the total amount of your first time purchase + Free Samples ! You can also get Free shipping if you live in USA and your order is above 40$! Great isn't it? :-) The code has no expiry, so you can share it with others as well!
  • International shipping is 4$ flat for orders up to 80$ and 1.3 kg!

Enjoy and live healthy!


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    • profile image

      iherb code 6 years ago

      Thanks for the code! I enjoyed this discount!

    • Inspiration88 profile image

      Inspiration88 6 years ago from this Galaxy

      Also see my other hubs, below my profile info - - Find a topic of your interest with guides, useful information and health advise!