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The Elderly In America

Updated on May 10, 2016

We take care of our own was once a slogan of America when it came to helping our people especially the elderly. America one of the most powerful countries in the world has fallen behind when it comes to caring for the elderly.

The elderly is considered as useless to with nothing to offer. Even Congress has made it basically impossible for the elderly to survival by cutting programs, taking away their dignity and respect. President Obama believe that all Senior citizens should be able to retire and live their life with dignity and respect.

Once upon a time the elderly was looked on as wise honorable people with a lot to offer but into day's world they are looked on as useless taking up valuable space. Words of the elderly are just words without convictions, who will listen?

When they nothing longer useful to their families, some are taken to nursing home where they sat and wasted with no pride or dignity.

Different countries has different cultures when it comes to caring for the elderly, they are considered as the head of the family and treated with royalty.In China adults and children are warn to never disrespect or neglect their elderly, if so there will be consequences.

Where is America loyalty to the elderly? There is no longer respect for the elderly in our country, children are no longer taught responsibilities or respect.

Society and the system plays a major role in the treatment of seniors, they want the elderly to accept what ever they say without fighting for their rights. Our jobs are to sat back grow old and die.

Do the Government take away from the elderly? They take away our self respect and penalize us by giving us assistances that makes it impossible to live on

Most The poor have to depending on Government for assistance, some of these programs penalized them by . Seniors are no longer setting back and excepting their ages as a stopping stone. Seniors are livening longer , excising, going back to school, finding little jobs and falling in love with their companion.

Growing old is a process that can't be avoided, reaching those golden years, should be graceful to aging seniors.


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