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Illegal Drugs and their Implications

Updated on October 19, 2010

Illegal Drugs and their Implications

What are Drugs its usage and results?

Drugs are substances that when absorbed into the body of living organism, changes normal body functions, there is no pet definition of drug as there are different meanings of drugs in law, governmental regulations, medicine and dictionary.

Drugs are chemicals that alter the workings in human’s body if taken. Drugs are of two types:

- Legal drugs

Medicines that we use in cure different diseases. These are advised by doctors for the treatments. These are safe to use. But cigarette is the only drug which is dangerous but legal to use.

- Illegal drugs

Unauthorized substances like, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine,LSD, crystal meth, powder, and heroin are illegal to use and harmful to body. Sometimes doctors do suggest illegal drugs for certain diseases but in very little quantity.

What are dangers of using Illegal drugs?

These can be very dangerous for anyone who uses it but very harmful for kids or teen agers as their body is in growing process. Drugs can damage heart, brain and can destroys organs system of human being of regular users. Drug users can not thing properly and its harder for them to do any acitivity at home, school or office. Drunk people looses control over their body and becomes senseless for a period of time.

Reasons for using drugs

People may use illegal drugs for many reasons but but often because it helps them to stay away from reality for a while. It may temporarily keep away from thoughts and feelings someone suffering from but actually its not worth of doing nothing. Instead of doing well it creeps people towards danger.

With the regular use and passage of time people get use to and dependant of drugs or you can say addicted of drugs. Without taking drugs they can’t do anything. Symptoms of withdrawal from drugs, such as vomiting(throwing up), sweating, and tremors (shaking). These sick feelings continue until the person's body gets adjusted to being drug free again.

Change in behaviour

If any body is taking illegal drugs, we can easily notice changes in behaviour.

- Deny to take interest in school, college, uni, or office work

- Change of company of friends

- Could be moody, cranky, negative thinking etc

- Try to keep alone a lot

- Coughing and more sleep

- Querelling

- Becomes skinny mostly

Some drugs and their abuse

All mentioned drugs are harmful and illegal to use. Using them can cause imprisonment according to the laws of country you are living in.


It looks like white powder but while reaching to end user it can be mixed with other substances and can be colored from white to brownish white. It is not instantly addictive but with the passage of time desire falls down and user have to take more and more to balance the desire level. It can leave cravings, psychological and physical effects. Excessive use can cause coma or death due to vomiting and respiratory system failure.

Methadone makes the pupils in the eye look like pinheads and makes users constipated


It is a white powder that is normally snorted up by straw or anything rolled up in the shape of straw. It can be use as a liquid by injection. Taking cocaine can cause temperature, high blood pressure and feeling of hunger. When a person get addicted, he desire more and more. Crack is also cocaine but in other form. It can be smoked through small lumps or rocks. Its even more stronger than cocaine.


Pure ecstasy also a powder looks white known as MDMA. It usually sold as tablets in stores. It dilates the pupils, creates tingling effect, raises body temprature and blood circulation becomes faster. Results in anxiety, panics and paranoia. Ultimately it can cause memory loss, depression and change in personality.

Amphetamines (Speed)

It is known as speed and More often found impure. People use to be awake and alert. With the usage, desire intreases to take more and more. Due to over dosage speed can cause anxiety, depression, irritabillity and mentall illness that can lead to death.


Illegal to have Hallucinogenic drug which is derived from ergot. It grow usually in grass in hilly areas. It does not have any long term damage to body normally but if you have mental problems, it can make them worse.


It is made of parts of cannabis plants. It is some what similar to hallucinogen and leaves sedative effect that make feel relaxed. One of the widely using drug in many contris of the world. Looks like cigarett and lasts for hours. Cannabis can cause a disease called cannabis psychosis, likened to a mild form of schizophrenia.


Are sold in liquid shape in plastic or glass bottles and capsules. Using it can cause swear illness or even death most probably. Usually it make feel sickness, stiff muscles and collapse.

Anabolic Steroids

It is similar to and includes the male harmone testosterone. Used for the treatment of anaemia and muscle weakness etc. these are not physicall addictive but makes people dependant quickly. Withdrawal can cause sickness, lethargy and depression


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      janni321 7 years ago

      very helpful and informative hub

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