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I'm Convinced Weight Watchers Online Works and It's Only Been A Week

Updated on April 30, 2012

Charles Barkley wasn't lying..and neither was Jennifer Hudson. About a week and a half ago my mother and I both signed up for 4 months of Weight Watchers Online. I weighed 260 lbs at the start and I would like to get down to a nice 190 lbs being only 6 feet tall. Now before you go thinking that all these diets and weight loss things are a scam do not put weight watchers on that list! I've tried many things, calorie counting, going to the gym, dieting, and a lot of it is difficult to get through. The hardest part about any of this is the first two weeks, breaking your old habits. But weight watchers is no joke and I can tell I will not stray!! Now I signed up and they give you a plan, an allotted amount of daily points and weekly "cheat points" as I like to call them. You can eat whatever you want (basically) as long as it fits within your allotted points.,,and that my friends is no lie. Let me tell you how my first week went, I wasn't even trying that hard. First off, one day I had a 5$ taco bell box, another day I had Mcdonalds 20 pc chicken nuggets, and another day I went to Olive Garden. On every day of the week I had three full meals along with snacks (fruits) and was pretty satisfied. I mean I definitely felt a little more hungry than usual but I'm dieting and that was expected but when I stepped on the scale at the end of the week I was in shock. I LOST 6 LBS. You may say that is nothing and its water weight, and that will decrease as I go on, but still, 6 lbs?! I ate like shit and went to the gym once and I lost 6 lbs. I was amazed, I don't know how it works. The point system works though, maybe it's some kind of portion control thing or maybe there's some secret codes factored into the points but I was amazed. Sure this is only one week and I am a long ways away from my goal but I am so happy with that result that I will continue and hope to see myself reach my goal weight of 190 lbs! Now that school is ending and I will be working (building above ground pools in the summer) I can start going to the gym more and hopefully get even more healthy. I'm so excited and I can honestly say that its the first time I've ever been excited about a diet. Weight watchers far and I'm convinced it will continue to work.


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    • Sam Magro profile image

      Sammy Magro 5 years ago from NJ

      I agree, it is hard to plan what to eat when you're not home, and the apps are very helpful. If it was free that would be amazing! But everything's a business unfortunately.

    • Lwelch profile image

      Lena Welch 5 years ago from USA

      I have done the in person ww and you are right, it works. I find that the most difficult part is tracking my points and then planning what to eat when it is a time in which I won't be home. I love the weight watchers apps - there are other good ios apps for point lookup but the ww one seems to be the best. I just wish it were free!