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I'm Not A Lier, Honestly?

Updated on June 21, 2016

I Didn't Do That.

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire.

Starting at childhood we are all programed to lie. As children it help to develop the brain. I remember when my daughter was a toddler and first started lying. She was around three years old, and she had one of those onesies pajamas on. While she was walking by she had this suspicious look on her face.

As a parent you know when something is different. It was her bed time and I told her to come over to me, she hesitated but still came over. I asked her why she was walking slow and was starring at me. She just said because I love you daddy. Now most of the time that alone gets you off the hook.

I was still suspicious on what was going on. First I had thought maybe she had an accident in her onesie, but after looking at her that wasn't the case. So I asked her what she was hiding. She said hiding nothing, but I could tell she was lying. So to my surprise she had two suckers stuffed into the feet of her onesie.

Honestly I thought it was funny, but I had a job to do, and told her that not right and it was lying. She then began to tell me the were already there. Well another lie, because I put her in that onesie. I told her no your lying, she replied back no I'm not.

I realized then she didn't even know that she was lying. It was just a automatic response to the question asked. Even though she knew she got them from the candy jar, she still insisted in lying about it.

Don't worry parents out there all children do it. To them it could be a self preservation technique, was lying to make herself look better. Or perhaps she was just lying because she didn't think she wouldn't have got caught. Again all children do this, so don't get to upset when they try to pull a fast one on you.

Almost Got Away With It.

Getting Better At It.

Kids and teen in school lie to up their social status. they lie from all kind of things like having someone who is not your girl friend, they telling everybody that you and her are going out. Sometimes school kids lie, because they feel like a failure.

Most of the time they do it for the simple reason that they think everyone else is doing it as well. It is sometimes hard to narrow down why we lie in certain situations. Maybe they told a lie and now for damage control, they must tell another lie just to fix the other one.

Lying is for self-satisfaction sometimes with kids, especially when it is about themselves, to make them feel better about themselves. None the less we keep lying, and lying for creativity as well. Lying with a reason that it is not hurting anyone help the lie come to light.

Kids lie to protect others as well. Like if little jimmy was accused of taking something that was not his, jimmy friend lies and says no he was with me the whole time, so jimmy couldn't have taken the object in question.

Sometimes kids lie to even distance them from others, in the hope that no one find out. Lying About how good you are at basket ball may get you a position on the team. Even lying about a story of an adventure you had, just by stretching the truth a little, makes for a better story.

We will lie about someone to also give comfort to somebody. Lets say Luke get's the chicken pox, and Tim calls Luke to say that he will be fine, of course lying to comfort his friend. Even though lying most of the time is wrong. Sometime it feels right to us.

We Are Not As Honest As We Think.

A Movement Come's Along With Lies.

The Lies That Bring Hate And Violent Protest.

Between cops, government, and the media all lying at the speed of light. No wonder there are so many outbreaks of violence. When a kid gets shot and there are shady lies about the situation, things get out of hand fast and in a hurry. Hate spreads and violence follows.

Meanwhile the media exploits the situation making the hate spread like wild fire. People come out of their house's angry and want answer, but get official statements. Sometimes a simple apology instead of having the, we are investigating the situation statement, maybe people wouldn't protest as badly, if they would just come out with the truth.

Then the government comes out to say, how regretful this has occurred and that they are deeply sorry. They are lying too, they don't Give a rats a$$ about what's not going on outside their peaceful gated communities. If they cared truly, the cops wouldn't just be carrying body cameras, but training and retraining police to handle situations in a different manner.

They make laws the cops have to follow also. They need to account for bad officers and punish them to the same extent of the law as the offenders get. As all that is going on the media blows it up into 24 hour news enraging citizens to the point of protest. Soon after that protest become violent once again by mishandled lies.

Then suddenly cars are on fire, people throwing thing, screaming why there is no accountability, business's burn, streets filled with tear gas, police in riot gear with shields and stick, and then expect people to calm down.

It all starts with a lie. "We had the means for lethal force." Haven't they herd of rubber bullets. They are a thing now, and best part they usually don't kill, but simply stop the accused from progressing. I don't mean not to have lethal ammo, only use lead if absolute necessary.

How many more will for the lies that have been told. Will it be enough to change police tactics, and teach them less lethal way of dealing with situations that can be prevented.

Though Deception To Infidelity This Book Is A Great Read For Women Readers.

Caught In A Lie.

What Should Happen When A Wrongful Death Occurs And Officials Are Caught In A Lie?

See results

Do Sportsmen Lie? Of Course They Do.

That Face You Get When Caught In A Lie.

Why Do Professionals Lie?

Athlete's lie all the time. Mostly about performance enhancing drugs, there is a long list Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Randy Savage, also Lance Armstrong. That is just to name a few there are much more where they came from.

All of the athletes were caught using PED's, and denied it to the bitter end. The only one who surprised me the most was Lance Armstrong. He was a fierce competitor, but the snake got the apple to him as well. Out of most I didn't think that he was using PED's.

Lance won the Tour De France seven times, he was a true competitor. He survived cancer and built a legacy for himself and founded the Livestrong Foundation. He also in the summer 2000 Olympics won the bronze medal. A very solid career for any athlete. A very proud and professional one at that.

Word was coming all the way in from 1999 that he was using PED's, but they never got him for the lie. He was racing with US Postal from 98 to 05, in which was the team he won all the Tour De France medals. He raced hard for those seven years and seven medals with an Olympic bronze medal title to carry along with the other seven.

He had everything to lose, and he did. In 2012 the USADA's stripped him of all of his medal from 1998 and up. Having lost everything, his name was ruined. In 2013 he gave an interview admitting using PED's, forever putting shame on the Armstrong and Livestrong name.

He lied to himself thinking he would never get caught. He probably figured after a few times of getting away with it a few more wouldn't hurt. But a lie to yourself is still a lie that can hurt or help you. This lie was however the most painful for him.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Politics Are The Ace Of All Lies.

Where to even start? Nixon, Clinton, Bush Lies go way back in the government. When the government lies usually people die. So was the case when I joined the Army in November 2001. One of the greatest lies ever spawned a war that is still in some ways going on today.

On September 11, 2001 I was already signed up and waiting for a plane to take me to war. On that dreadful day I knew I was going to war, but I didn't know where. When our combat unit left in April 2002 we knew where we were going, but not what we were looking for. War was officially declared in April 2002. I was only 18 years old.

Soon enough we were told what we were looking for, Bush almost trademarked it WMD's. Weapons of mass destruction. Well we knew then what we would be searching for, but didn't know if it was nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons to go find. The lie that got my friend's to die was WMD's.

I guess the joke (lie) was on us. After several months of searching we didn't find any WMD's. Apparently our government made an, "oops" in which several of my friends were killed. As time went by our government said they unwittingly had bad intelligence about the WMD's, and that there were none there. That lie is still killing people in Iraq today. In fact they were never able to tie Iraq to 9/11.

Steel Rain

Just The Facts

  • Toddler's Lie

  • Kid's Lie

  • Teen's Lie

  • Adult's Lie

  • Police Lie

  • Politician's Lie

  • Government Lie

The fact is every human lies whether or not it's for good or bad everyone lies.

Government Always Lies

A Look Into How Far The Government Goes Into Even Your Eating Habits.

I Honestly Told The Truth Maybe?

From insurance fraud, health care fraud, citizenship fraud, lying for yourself, or lying for others, lying for position, self deception, crime, fake accents, white lies, for damage control, for positive affects, or negative affects, by thinking it won't hurt anyone, or lying to make yourself more interesting. Everyone lies to a certain degree. Most of the time they are harmless.

Sometimes a harmless lie can kill millions.

Either For Good Reason Or For any Reason What Have You Lied About?

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