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Get out of that rut! A poem from me to you

Updated on August 19, 2016

Aah! I'm gonna feel so good!

What? Don't you know? Why can't you see? I'm getting out of this rut, even if you don't wanna come with me. My advice is for you to look within yourself and find out where yo want to be. No, I will not share my tips with you! I'm out of breathe, pulling and tugging as the days go by. While you tell me that I'm no good. Losing my job seems to be a tool for you to use to abuse my mind. Aah! I'm gonna feel so good! I'm getting out of this rut!

My friends call and ask for me, but all you do is lie and tell them I'm sick. Yea, I'm sick alright. Sick of being tied down to you, pulling me left and right, holding me back from hanging with my friends. I thought you said you and me were at the end? All this drama, laughing in the morning, followed by crying in the noonday, only to be full of glee come the night. Swoosh!!!

Here it comes, like a rush of water at the end of a river, just before a waterfall. This is life indeed! Yes, it is my life and now? Well...., you are in it. Welcome! Tearing down my encouragement, ripping apart my love, putting a hole in our friendship. Where the heck am I?! Darn it! I keep forgetting: "I'm in the Gutter!" Crap. Time to get the Heck out of here. Ooh, I can't wait!

1st) I'm gonna go to the nearest Salvation army and:

2nd) buy myself the most stylist blazer, yep and then:

3rd) I will choose a matching pair of dress pants, along with:

4th) casual shoes to match. I'm getting myself cleaned off, because I've got no more time left to remain in the gutter. Aah! I'm feelin' so-o-o-o good! I've gotten myself out of That rut!

(*This is one of my own Fictional poems) Thank you for reading it.

©6.4.2011 By: Anna N. Taylor

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