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Imagination Extraction

Updated on October 1, 2012

What is Imagination Extraction?

Imagination Extraction refers to creating concepts and ideas by controlled lucid dreaming. This works by having a lucid dreamer pass from a controlled predefined area in a dream to a separate undefined space. (Often concealed behind a door.) As the dreamer enters the unknown area, that space is immediately flooded with random information pulled (extracted) from the dreamers brain. The dreamer would then instantly try to make sense of what the he/she is seeing by combining the information into something understandable. Thus creating the idea/concept.

The information that floods the undefined space can be pulled from various locations. It is important to remember that everything you see is recorded in your brain. Thus, the extracted information could have been pulled from a memory. Possibly, a memory you may not have been able to remember, but because it has been stored in your brain, in your dream you were able to access it.

There also is a good chance information was pulled from your subconscious, which would include desires, impulses, wishes, fantasies, and feelings.

Experiencing Imagination Extraction

The most popular method of experiencing Imagination Extraction is the Mystery Door Method. The Mystery Door Method allows for an easy transition between the predefined area and the unknown space by using a door to separate the areas.

Before attempting to experience Imagination Extraction, look into lucid dreaming and dream ejecting. Imagination Extraction will require practice and may not come easy certain individuals. It is important to consider that different phenomena may occur as a result of sleep disorders, a dreamers lucidity level, a dreamers sleep environment, and other associated variables.


The term and method of "Imagination Extraction" was created by Joseph Marley in association to The Imagination Extraction Project.


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    • joemarley profile image

      Joseph Marley 6 years ago

      Thanks. There is no one specific use. The dreamer could have a variety of reasons for using it.

    • frugalfamily profile image

      Brenda Trott, M.Ed 6 years ago from Houston, TX

      Very interesting. Is there a specific use for the extracted information?