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Imagine That Happening

Updated on April 6, 2012
Kermit & Miss Piggy -- my favorite Muppets
Kermit & Miss Piggy -- my favorite Muppets | Source

An active imagination is a rarity in today's world where the advances in technology have replaced the art of pretending, creating your own world full of mystical creatures both big and small. Where would we be without the imagination of Jim Hanson creator of The Muppets. His creative mind was born from his ability to imagine a different kind of world, he entertained millions with The Muppet Show, movies and cartoons.

Waddles and Jenny's Wedding Day
Waddles and Jenny's Wedding Day | Source

I witness my grandson having that type of creative imagination each time he visits. Coming home for lunch one day this past summer, pizza in hand, I apparently was catering the wedding of Waddles the penguin and Jenny the dog. My living room was decorated with homemade confetti, balloons, my grandson wore a homemade tie, my youngest daughter performed the ceremony and my granddaughter and I were the guests. We toasted them with Pepsi and helped them share their first dance. Who knows, if a frog and pig can be a couple then why not a penguin and dog.

I love watching as his imagination evolves. He takes my couch cushions and they are turned into ships, dinosaurs, dragons, sharks, fish, monsters, slides, rocks in the river and cars. I've had to save him from the dragon who was trying to eat him. Using a make believe sword, I slew the dragon and saved him. I threw rocks to scare away the dinosaurs. He always saves us from the sharks, catches fish to feed us when we're camping and goes sledding with his cousin after a snow storm. My living room is transformed into the ocean where he fights off the sharks, the castle where the dragons lived, the lake where he caught the fish, the land of the lost where we discovered the dinosaurs and our unique camp site. We've had make believe tea parties with Dora and Boots, found transformer hiding in the house and invited Captain Jack Sparrow to help fix the ship because it was broken.

Having his type of imaginary play will lead him to greatness on of these days. The imaginations of Stephen King, Dean Kootnz and James Patterson have entertained us, allowing us to jump into the pages of their books. Witches, gobblins, ghosts, hobbits, vampires, wizards, warlocks, fairies, werewolves, shape shifters and creatures of the night were born and brought to life within someone's imagination. The creative minds of men like George Lucas, Cameron Crowe and Steven Spielberg allowed their imaginary genus to create mystical worlds that to this day enthrall and entertain.

Our entire country was created from a desire, a need for change, that was once a thought came to be because someone dared to imagine. All the inventions that have transcended when the first pilgrim set their foot on Plymouth Rock. Throughout the decades our lives have changed and been transformed because someone dared to use their imagination.


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