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Impact Of Technology In Healthcare

Updated on November 19, 2019

Impacts Of Technology In Healthcare Sector

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare is the use of complex algorithms and software to estimate human cognition in the analysis of complicated medical data. What distinguishes AI technology from traditional technologies in healthcare is the ability to gain information, process it, and give well defined output to the end user. Artificial Intelligence programs have developed and applied to practices such as diagnosis processes, treatment protocol development, drug development, personalized medicine, and patient monitoring and care. AI has had dramatic impact in many industries, and healthcare in no exception.

2. Virtual healthcare
When a person feels unwell, driving to a doctor’s office, sitting in a waiting room surrounded by the sick people and potentially waiting for an hour or longer to get into the examination room are not attracting prospect. For those reasons and others, people are increasingly open to telemedicine that let them get assessed by physicians using technology such as videoconferencing or mobile apps. Convenience, ease of use, and travel times to their closest doctor are main reasons patients choose virtual care. On the flip side, many are concerned about the quality of care, or fear a loss of person connection with a doctor.

3. Nan-medicine
Nan-medicine is different from conventional approaches in a sense that conventional medicine approach is based on a response to problems at issue level and by the time that symptoms become apparent to the patient or clinician, the disease may often be at an advance stage. However, Nan-medicine, the goal is to detect changes and problems at the molecular and cellular levels and to treat them before they spread out. Compared to conventional medicine, it’s much better at precise targeting and deliver systems, paving the way towards combating complex condition such as cancer.

4. 3D Printing
Dank urine is a sign that your body is dehydrated. Frequent peeing could mean that you have injuries I the bladder or diabetes. On average, a person excretes between five and eight cups of urine per day and anything that exceeds that could point to an underlying problem in the body. Few or more bowel movements in a day other and indicates that your body is not getting rig of toxins.

5. Bad breath
Saliva is responsible for cleaning and getting rid of bad bacteria in the mouth. Due to dehydration, the saliva production may reduce leading to bad breath. The reasons for bad breath may, however, be more serious than that. It may be as a result of infections caused by tooth decay. Conditions such as; cancer, diabetes, kidney and liver problems may also cause a distinctive breath odour due to the chemicals they produce. A dietary that has gone too far may be also responsible for bad breath.

6. Recurring colds/ flu
Our bodies are predisposed to disease-causing bacteria every day. A healthy individual with a strong immunity should at least be in a position to combat such attacks most of the time. Contracting frequent cold could mean that your immune system is weak and functioning optimally. That’s a pointer that your body’s defence against pathogen is low, which puts it at a risk of contracting other life threatening such diseases as cancer.

7. Frequent headaches
Common issues that could cause headaches are exhaustion, poor posture, dehydration, low blood sugar level, stress, eye strain, lack of sleep and lightning. Headaches accompanied with excessive tension and nausea, problems with vision difficulty speaking or walking, loss of appetite and sensitivity to light could be a sign of migraine.

8. Poor sleep
Poor sleep can be caused by several factors, noise, light and discomfort. It can also be a sign of mental illness. Stress mainly affects the sleep patterns by increasing the cortisol levels in the body. Sleep gives the body a chance to re-charge and to re-energize. Therefore, if you do not sleep well, you deny the body to function properly. Lack of enough sleep unfortunately ends up becoming the beginning of a vicious cycle. It is accompanied by mood swings, nervousness, apathy, being overly sensitive and also causes weight gain.

9. Skin breakouts
The skin is the largest organ in the body where most of the toxins are eliminated through, so any change could be a telltale sign of underlying problems. Being itchy may be a symptom of a serious problem in the body, such as liver disease. Skin breakouts on the other hand may be a sigh of stress within the nervous system or allergies. Skin problems could also be as a result hormonal imbalance or digestive problems.

10. Cracked lips
Chapped lips are not only unsightly, but also a sigh minerals deficiencies in the body. Cracked lips signal to zinc and vitamin B deficiency, especially B2, which potentially puts one at the risk of developing anaemia. It could also be a sigh of dehydration. Lower lips have connection to the small intestines and brown sports on them point to indigestion problems or poor enzyme production. Canker sores on the mouth are indication of low immunity and high-stress leves.


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