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Positive Impact of Thoughts

Updated on November 25, 2016

Thought stages of human beings

Negative and Positive point of view

Human beings become as they think. Thoughts have a close impact on our health. Those who are too indulgent, lustful, vulgar in their thoughts and talk and entertain themselves, this way can never have a good reputation or wealth. Worries, anger, fear, dissatisfaction, envy, ill feeling, greed, arrogance, ill thoughts etc., are chief causes of many diseases.

Negative thoughts

For instance negative thoughts cause the following diseases:-
Worries - cause high blood pressure, heart ailment, diabetes, insomnia etc.
Fear - causes greying of hair in young age and early ageing.
Anger - causes ulcers in the stomach and intestines.
Greed - causes indigestion and loose motion.
Disappointment - causes indigestion and paralysis etc.

Some people suffer from diseases only because of their negative way of thinking. Such persons if given treatment will not improve unless their way of thinking and thoughts improve.
As negative thoughts lead to diseases, positive thoughts cure them.

If the sub-conscious mind is confident that the disease is getting cured, it will definitely get cured. Not only one but many diseases can be cured like this. It is even believed that a disease that is incurable by medicines can be cured by the feeling of being healthy. Thus, a person who is suffering from any ailment should practice to feel healthy.

Positive thoughts:

It is well said that if one falls ill, one falls ill, although there may not be any sign of illness in him.

Our perception attributes goodness or evil, negative or positive properties of everything. We may have a positive point of view, by taking into account the good qualities or a negative point of view, by looking only at the drawbacks.
In any country, society or family there cannot be unity and love till people are looking for each other's faults.

A clear minded person looks for qualities in the other person because a corrupt mind always looks for faults. An optimist goes forward keeping in mind the past, a pessimist thinks of the future and reverts back to the past.

Negative thoughts drain away 95% of our competence. This is why negative thoughts are our greatest enemies.

We will speak as we think. As we think we will work. As we work on our habits will develop. Our habits will make our character and our character will decide our fate.

Benefits of Positive Mental Attitude

1. Tension reduces.
2. To experience happiness in all circumstances.
3. Better relationships are maintained and brotherhood is there.
4. Development of complete personality.
5. Reach the heights of success.
6. No problem causes because positive thoughts teach the art of finding solutions to problems.
7. Positive encouragement makes an evil person good.
8. Everyone possesses some unique qualities in him and positive thoughts give the power to recognise those qualities in everyone.
9. Sadness can not touch a person with a positive attitude.
10. The capacity to work increases.
11.It boosts up patience and self-confidence.
12.It increases the decision-making power.
13.Creative way of thoughts appears.
14.The positive thought gives birth to health-giving hormones that increase resistance power in the body.

How to increase positive thoughts

1. Situations with extreme conflicts are a true test for human beings.
2. The critic is our friend and does well for us in life, that criticism makes us alert that we should work properly.
3. Every circumstance is an opportunity to learn.
4. Everything has the dual meaning. One should adopt whichever is good and let go whichever is bad.
5. Down falls make a man learn to live life.
6. Accept the changes, for change, is the rule of life.
7. Do not look at a person or situation’s faults but try to look at its positive aspect and good qualities.
8. Love whatever work you do and make a constant effort to do it better.
9. Whenever a guest comes do not talk about the sorrows of your country, society, family and work.
10. Take an interest in the thoughts of others and welcome their viewpoints and contentions.

Creative Thoughts

To think creatively is to get fresh thoughts, new concepts and searching for new solutions. Creative thought sharpens the intellect and removes the stress. A person without decision-making power is one who has not practised good habits.

Our thinking only decides how our mentality is. Understand the problem from all angles that may take some time but that will save our many hours while actually doing the job. When we succeed in a job, we should direct our potential in another direction. If our struggle is not on, it will lead to a stagnation that so will ruin us.

Ways to creative thoughts

1. Either alone or a group of people may keep an object of daily use before them and start thinking what are its other uses. This can be made for a playful game.
2. Take up a problem and find various solutions to it.
3. Find the way to reach any destination or make way for it.
4. Think there will be the better way.
5. Fix your destination in life, that is very important, and then with full commitment and determination to pursue it. Accordingly one will start thinking creatively.
6. Get together for a study circle for an exchange of ideas over different subjects.
7. The man is a master of his fate. He can make it according to his own imagination. Use your imagination in such a way that you may see the light in your difficult and unknown moments.
8. Promote positive attitude.
9. Does something that others cannot do?
10. Find the quality of successful people and adopt it for yourself.

Keep smiling- Result of positive thoughts

Thoughts of goodness never fail

The impact of positive thought is one of the signs of goodness. Doing something good to others is a great job and you feel yourself best of others. The thinking of goodness is a result of our essential teachings by our parents, religion or the inside atmosphere where we were brought up. When a person's mind is free from lust, anger and greed, he is determined to do some social service.

In financial matters, people who are sincere in their work and lead a simple life are generally free from worries about money. They may face setbacks, but they always manage to overcome them.

An honest person earns respect. People may not like his straightforward manner in the beginning, but eventually, they begin to respect him. A good man is assertive when needed. When necessary, he hisses but does not bite.

And a person who does not follow the dictates of wisdom leads a shattered life. He is filled with lust and hatred, has a diminished capacity for good work. In other words, his life is wasted.


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  • padmendra profile image

    PADMENDRA S R 3 years ago from DELHI/NCR

    Thank you so much for sparing your valuable time and appreciating a recipe which must have been written by Bery but posted in the wrong place;)

  • padmendra profile image

    PADMENDRA S R 5 years ago from DELHI/NCR

    I feel myself lucky that my Hub 'Impact of Thoughts' has given you a positive feeling. Thanks for appreciating the article.

  • kj force profile image

    kjforce 5 years ago from Florida

    padmendra...wise words my friend...Positive breeds positive....very important is the

    " immune system" the basic functioning of the body and affects all aspects . What and how you eat/exercise/handle stress/and factors of the enviorment are factors..

    I acquired this affliction and lost the use of my legs...restoration is ? I live life one day at a time and laugh at the " quirks "..thanks for sharing your thoughts...

  • padmendra profile image

    PADMENDRA S R 5 years ago from DELHI/NCR

    I feel myself happy to read the comments from you. Thanks.

  • profile image

    Annette 5 years ago

    I love this hub! I felt so much better after reading Thank you!!

  • padmendra profile image

    PADMENDRA S R 5 years ago from DELHI/NCR

    Thanks for your lovely comments.

  • Gabby McMahon profile image

    Gabby McMahon 5 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland

    fantastic hub, especially the first part which outlined the diseases caused by negative thinking! I will keep that in mind for the next time I having negative thoughts. Thanks

  • padmendra profile image

    PADMENDRA S R 5 years ago from DELHI/NCR

    Thanks a lot for your valuable praise. I feel highly encouraged. Regards

  • Dale Hyde profile image

    Dale Hyde 5 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

    Most interesting thoughts and ideas about thoughts.

    Voted up, interesting and useful.