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Impatience is a Daily Problem

Updated on May 15, 2020
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Every day is a new day and there are always issues that are interesting to people who would like to read more about real-life subjects.

Being Patient is Important

It is so important to be patient when it has to do with many tasks that have to be done in life and society when people want and need something important. Being patient is not what a lot of people have when being around other people. Many things that people try to get right away do not happen when is expected often, and it can cause many emotions that can take over an individual's behavior.

Such as frustration, anger, depression, or anxiousness, and most people want to get things as soon as possible. If people are not patient then living a life of being frustrated, angry, and anxious, is going to happen often. Usually, when a person is used to having what they want and need promptly.

There is an expectation to assume if something goes wrong then the situation can be fixed right away without being patient first. Often, when not being patient it can be a disappointment to deal with people who do not know how to be patient to just wait.

Causes of Impatience

For instance, people often do not like to wait on a long line and will complain behind other people who are waiting for the same reason. Everyone else is quiet and waiting patiently and it’s always that one person who doesn’t know how to stop complaining. Instead of going earlier on a day that will be more convenient.

Observing when someone is not patient it can sometimes make matters worse if not figuring out why is there is so much difficulty to just wait. Also waiting for a package that may take longer than a week because of some unforeseen circumstance, or waiting to get a call back from an employer for a job that seems like a job that fits all the duties a person will like to do.

However, if an employer doesn’t call back after a certain time, then impatients and frustration begin to mount. A person who can take some time out to be patient and call back to check in to ask if being considered for the job is a possibility. Through waiting before calling is an anxiousness that most people will endure, though patience plays a big part in that.

Impatience and Anger

Not having patience can also make someone get so angry that a situation can get out of hand. Like waiting in traffic for a while and then eventually cutting someone off to get to the next stoplight, just to wait again. A situation like this can cause some people to have road rage and lose control of themselves and lash out on a driver who was only in the way.

Trying to rush somewhere that wasn’t worth the consequences of going through an unfortunate situation because of not being patient to wait for someone to go by to cut someone off is unnecessary. Therefore, being patient is always the number one priority.

Furthermore, when being a patient person who knows how to wait. It is also important for parents to teach their children as they get older that patience is a part of daily life when dealing with people anywhere. If young individuals do not see people they look up to who is not patient, then they will grow up to become an impatient individual too.

Importance of Being Patient

Many situations will cause people to be in an environment that has many people who must be patient without exception. Such as, waiting for an important phone call from an employer who is considering giving a qualified person a job, though being patient is all an individual can do if being told to do so.

As they say, do not call us we will call you, so it is a mystery that no one knows. How long being patient is going to have to happen when waiting patiently. Often being overbearing and determine in many situations can help. Still, going overboard will lead to just being patient again.

If rushing to try to get things that can not be done unless being patient, then an individual will need to understand that most things people need to do in life have to do with understanding self-beforehand. So, if patience is a part of being that way naturally then knowing the expectation will be accepted for someone who knows the outcome will occur sooner or later.

Impatience and Finances

Besides, wanting instant gratification or rushing to get a business started without a plan that may or may not work can be an issue for people who need more money now. Although people also need money to make money, being an impatient person can cause someone to lose more money than expected just because of rushing to have a successful business.

Everyone knows that patients are a part of getting through adversity. Getting through many situations that calls for the ability to wait and if not knowing how to do so. Eventually, the daily situations will be complicated, always frustrating, and upsetting more often, if not trying to improve dealing with people. Everyone should always try to be an example to let other people see that patience can be done to stay stress-free.

9 Things you can do to be Patient

  1. Take a deep breath when you know you need to wait longer than expected.
  2. Take a book to read or read until it is your turn to speak to someone.
  3. If someone is not patient and would complain, do not begin to talk to make matters worse by talking about waiting too long too.
  4. Stay quiet when other people are complaining if the wait is less than half an hour.
  5. Expect to understand that many tasks that must be done have some waiting time involved.
  6. Never argue with people who do not control the waiting process.
  7. Always be calm to talk to people on the phone even if the situation is frustrating.
  8. Do not call people when being angry about other issues that can make someone hang up because of poor communication skills.
  9. Have a good attitude because getting what you need will happen eventually.

© 2020 Jacqueline L Smith


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