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Importance of Dental Health Care for your Infants

Updated on April 11, 2019
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Julia Simons is a full-time writer on Omilights. Along with this I write short stories, articles on other online portals.

Is Oral Health of Infants really Important?

It is a common notion in the mind of people that infants teeth are milk teeth and they will go away and would replace with a new set of teeth. This is why they do feel that their little kids do not need dental visit. They give less importance to the dental health of kids.

But this is not true. You should give importance to the oral health of your infants like you do to yourself as an adult!

There are many problems that can occur when kids dental health deteriorate. One such problem is Caries. It is a dental disease that is infectious and is 5 times more common than asthma. It also spreads very rapidly, and that is also in the time frame of few months.

How can Caries affect a Child Health?

Caries is very painful in Kids as this can cause irritation and swelling of gums. Following are some adverse effects of Caries:

  • Caries can result into painful gums with swelling.
  • Caries cause infection which can reach to stomach also.
  • A child with caries is not able to eat properly, as a result the body weight gets reduced. This hampers the overall growth of the child also.
  • The swelling and infection makes a child irritable and not willing to play.

What is the Correct Age for First Dental Visit for your Child?

Normally, a child starts getting his first teeth when he reaches 6 months of age. So, as per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your kid's first dental visit should also occur within the first six months after the eruption of first tooth. The first year of your child's life is the ideal time for his first dental visit.

On time dental care can prevent your child's dental health in future also. A child learns dental hygiene at very early age which will remain with him for life time.

Who loves to bear the pain of harsh dental treatment at the later stage? So, this is the best gift you can give your infants to get his dental visit on time.

Oral Hygiene Tips for Your Infants

There are few basic points one should follow for oral health care:

  • Eruption of first tooth in an infant is important. Start taking oral health of your child seriously with it.
  • Your infant's present dental health can decide his adulthood oral health. For example if your child takes milk with bottle for long, it can deform the original shape of gums and teeth.
  • Use soft bristly tooth brush for your infant, as they have very soft gums.
  • Do not give toothbrush in the hands of your infant for long as he will try to chew with it and can hurt his gums
  • Parents should brush the teeth of their infants twice a day.

Tips for Parents for Dental Health of their Kids

When you visit to a dental healthcare for your infant's dental health, he can give you counselling on various points that can help in the proper oral health care of your kids. There are few things that as a parent your can also follow:

  • Breastfeeding milk is best for your infant, at-least for the first 6 months of life.
  • After six months, you can include semi-solid food in the diet of your kid. Also, add iron-rich solid food as milk is the storehouse of almost all the nutrients except iron.
  • Avoid milk bottles for your kids. But if it is required, make it a practice to keep it clean and hygiene. And, also check your child never goes to bed with his bottle in the mouth.
  • Do not to put their children to sleep with the bottle.
  • Start giving milk to your child with cups after one year of age. Bring beautiful mugs available in the market, if your kid initially hesitate in the beginning. But do not bow to the choice of your kids to have milk from bottle only. Kids generally find solace in their bottles but this can cause major dental health issue later on.
  • A child should be given low sugar food and especially in the night.
  • Avoid cow milk in the first year of your child's life.
  • Reduce intake of soda products in the diet of your child.


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