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Importance of Fitness

Updated on May 20, 2015

The Importance of Staying Fit

Fitness and physical health is one of the most important things in life. Almost every other goal you have is secondary. You might think you can get away with not taking care of your body right now, but eventually it will catch up to you and all the things you visualize are important to you now will pale in comparison to your health and physical shape.

If you are not exercising and eating right, then you should get your priority straight. Right fucking now. And if you are, no matter how hard things may seem and you think life is shitty, if you are making gains and staying fit you are progressing as a human being. Gradually you will become a more succesful person in every area of your life.

People so often in life are afraid to make a move. They are comfortable in their own shells, but my advice is that you do not wait for the perfect trainer or the "right time". Every day is a right time. Just grab your shoes and get momentum. You can read more about my momentum-theory here.

Our bodies are a physical reflection of our standards.

If You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe:

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