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Importance of Fitting for Progressive Lenses

Updated on December 1, 2016

There are a number of different lenses available for sale for the branded eyeglasses that people are accustomed to wearing. The simple lenses that most people use are single vision lenses and bifocal lenses. The single vision lenses are made in order to improve the vision of the wearer who has farsightedness or nearsightedness. In order to use a single spectacle for both reading and seeing far, it is essential to use bifocal lenses.


Progressive lenses are the newest addition to lenses and they are one of the most expensive optical lenses largely available at stores. These eyeglass lenses brands are essentially multifocal lenses that can be used to see things that are far way, things that are near and even things at arm’s length, without changing glasses. The technology is embedded into the thin glasses which have different focal points and adapt to your vision.

These lenses are designed to provide a feel that the person wearing them is seeing things as a normal person would, without a pair of eyeglasses. To look close, the wearer use the lower portion of the lenses, to see the things that are far away, the wearer uses the top portion of the lens, the intermediate distance, often called as the arm’s length distance is usually see through the middle section of the lens. This makes it so much easy to see at all distances without having to squint. The result is a seamless natural transition from near to far distance. The overall effect for the wearer is an immediate difference in how well they are able to see in any distance.

These progressive lenses are really great, but they must be made using specific prescription strengths and PD value. The PD value is the distance between the two pupils, mentionable is that the distance is calculated from the centre of one pupil to the other. If this value is not right and the other prescription values are not set properly it might be tough to see properly. It does take time to get used to a progressive lens after using single or double vision lenses for a long time, but they are worth the money and difficulties. In order to get the perfect vision it is needed that the fitting of your progressive lenses are perfect. Make sure that when you get the branded prescription eyeglasses from your eye doctor or optometrist, you wear it and check in every distance, whether you are finding it hard to see or if any distance appears blurry. Especially take care if you are buying eyeglasses online, don’t forget to put your PD value in the correct space to get great progressive lenses.

Fitting is an important part of progressive lenses and you should definitely make user that your progressive lenses are well fitted, in order to see well.


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