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Importance of Protein for Weight Loss

Updated on February 18, 2013

Our body needs protein for many reasons. Among others, protein supports cellular growth and bodily functions. It helps promote our structure and form; and it helps build our metabolism and provides energy for the body.

For these reasons alone, protein can help us lose weight if we eat them right.

The proteins in our body are made up tiny amino acids. There are 20 amino acids in our body that forms into proteins with varying functions. 9 of them are called essential amino acids because we get them from foods. Unlike the other amino acids, our body cannot produce them.

Lack of amino acids in the body may cause health disorders such as fatigue, anxiety, stress, weakened immune system, and hindered growth. These are some of the health issues a low-protein diet may bring.

Having protein in our diet however, is hardly the issue in weight loss. We can easily get protein from pizza, burger and barbeque.

There is always protein in our meals, notwithstanding its source. It is rather having too much of it. More so, the quality of proteins we consume may not be the kind we need to lose weight.

For instance, would you eat the crispy skin of your favorite fried chicken? Would you prefer having a juicy barbeque with trimmed fats or grilled pork tenderloin for lunch?

And for that, diet programs are designed to be low in carb, low in fats, low in calories; and high in protein. This is where vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds come in. This is where portioned eating applies.

Importance of protein for weight loss

Proteins are energy-builders. We need them in our diets. Eating foods rich in protein increases our metabolic levels. Proteins help build muscles in the body. Less fat and more muscles produce weight loss and a better shaped body.

Protein helps strengthen our immune system. We need to maintain strong defense against sickness, especially during a weight loss endeavor.

Proteins for weight loss

There are proteins whose function pertains to transporting oxygen and nutrients in the body. Some are responsible in promoting antibodies for our defense system. Some contribute greatly to our metabolism and weight management.

Proteins for weight loss can be found in whey and soy protein. You can buy protein supplements and drinks that are formulated particularly for weight loss and muscle-building.

Natural food sources of high-quality protein for weight loss may be found in animal meats, dairy products, nuts and seeds. Go ahead and eat eggs, chicken, turkey, and cheeses. These tasty foods are filling and may help you lose some weight.

The key however, is to eat in moderation and if possible, in small portions.

Eating too much (of anything), will naturally will to weight gain, especially if you’re not the type who exercises regularly.

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How much protein for weight loss?

On the average, we should consume about 40-65 grams of proteins every day. That’s about 2-3 meat servings.

With food stalls here and there, it’s not surprising to consume more than what is required. If you’re planning on losing weight, you have to watch the amount of proteins or and type of food you eat. You may also need to move your body and exercise.

Note that exercise may increase your protein requirements. That’s because you’re body uses more energy. It will need proteins to restore them back and build up muscle fibers after training.

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