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Importance of Eating Healthy and Exercising at a Young Age

Updated on November 13, 2017
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Eat healthy and work out



According to an article that was published in by the National Obesity Observatory in 2011, it was shown that a majority of adults and children have a good understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet. While the article largely focused on healthy eating, the same can be said about exercising. Despite having a good understanding of healthy eating and exercising, it has been shown that there are a number of barriers that prevent young people from exercising and eating healthy meals. With regards to health eating in particular, some of the major barriers include easy access to relatively cheaper fast foods, which often tastes good and looks appealing.

According to a report that was published in 2010, it was shown that poor diet and physical inability result in as many as 580,000 deaths annually. This is in addition to causing disabilities that result from diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and stroke. While many of the young people are not eating healthy or exercising, studies have also shown that the problem starts much earlier during their infancy. Although breast milk has been shown to be the most complete source of nutrition for babies, only about 64 percent of mothers in the United States initiate breastfeeding and a mere 29 percent continue breastfeeding their infants for 6 months after birth.

Significance of healthy eating and exercising at a young age

For young people, eating healthy meals and engaging in regular physical activities is essential for a healthy life. According to the department of Health and Human services people who are physically inactive are twice as likely to develop coronary heart disease as those who engage in regular activities. This shows that physical inactivity or the lack of exercising poses as much risk as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and heart disease resulting from cigarette smoking. Because the lack of physical activities and poor healthy eating habits are more prevalent, the impacts are more prevalent than the other risk factors. Here, therefore, physical activities among young people are of great significance in that they help prevent or at least greatly reduce risks of coronary heart disease. Here, physical activities allow young people to burn excess fats that increase the risk of heart diseases.

Such conditions as obesity are not only the result of poor eating habits, but also because of lacking enough physical activities. By healthy meals and good nutrition, young people would not only greatly reduce the risks of obesity, but also avoid the complications that result from obesity including hypertension, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes as well as gall bladder disease among others. By engaging in physical activities at a young age and eating healthy meals, young people will also be in a position to effectively control their weight and maintain good health. This is particularly easier for younger people than older individuals given that young people have the energy and stamina to continue participating in healthy behaviors. By starting at a young age, young individuals will also greatly benefit given that doing so instills in them a culture and understanding of the benefits of staying healthy. Therefore, they will maintain such positive habits as they get older.

Healthy eating and importance of eating healthy and exercising at a young age is also beneficial for those who are already overweight and obese. Given that they are still young, they have enough motivation and drive to lead a healthier life. On the other hand, Healthy and importance of eating healthy and exercising at a young age is also important in that it would enhance the self esteem of young people. In society and other institutions within a society, studies have shown that those who are overweight and obese may experience low self esteem. This is not only because a majority are uncomfortable about their weight, but also because they may be targets of ridicule and even bullying.
Through healthy eating habits and exercising, young people with weight issues would get an opportunity to loss some extra weight, which would in turn help improve their self-esteem by being physically fit. Once they are comfortable with their body image, they would feel more comfortable with a more positive attitude towards life. Healthy eating and exercising therefore also contributes to the general well being of an individual. Therefore, healthy eating habits and exercising contribute to young people being physically fit, but also enhances better mental development.

Final words


Young people have a lot to gain from eating healthy foods and exercising. One of the main benefits is that the two healthy lifestyle activities help greatly reduce such risks as dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gall bladder disease and osteoarthritis among others, which are likely to start developing at a young age. Therefore, through eating healthy and exercising the quality of life is improved in addition to reducing death rates related to the lack of physical activities and poor eating choices.


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