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Importance of drinking lemon water before breakfast

Updated on January 10, 2017

One of the most bugging issues that people have is how to get up in the morning with energy and ready to face the day. The higher the morale you start off the morning with determines the type of day that you will have. A simple morning ritual can be used which may determine the overall day you have. Staring the day with a glass of lemon water is one of these rituals that you ought to practice on a daily basis to have an awesome day.

Restore alkalinity in the body

Lemon water is recommended as it helps maintain alkalinity in the body. In as much as lemons are acidic from the citric acid they possess, the balance in the body is quite important. A simple glass of lemon water can be crucial in helping bring balance that is crucial for the body. The balance brought by consuming the lemon water helps in effectively balancing pH in the body. A balanced body pH is instrumental in ensuring that all the body functions take place in the body without conflict.

Kick Start Digestive system

Another benefit of taking lemon water is that it helps in kick starting the digestive system in the morning. When you wake up in the morning, your digestive system has been inactive for a few hours when you were sleeping. The system therefore needs to be hydrated and to also be cleaned up of any waste products that might be present in it. Taking the lemon water helps in preparing the digestive system for mealtime, rather than immediately delving into the different meal courses.

Skin Cleansing

Lemon water is also great for ensuring that you keep skin clean and glowing. Due to the high concentration of the lemon in Vitamins A & C, they help promote skin health and ensure your skin looks amazing the entire day. The vitamins in the lemon also act as antioxidants and help keep off most of the unwanted radicals that destabilize optimal skin health. This in effect makes you feel great the whole day.

Energy Boost

The lemon water also offers a great energy boost to the body. Upon waking up, the energy to kick start the day is really needed and lemon water will offer this. Eating a carbohydrate will take time for the digestion to begin and the effects to be felt. Lemon water consumption as the first item in your Gastro intestinal tract is immediate as the body needs to be hydrated and the nutrients supplied by the lemon juice give you an amazing power boost. If you desire to increase detoxification rate in the body, consumption of the lemon water with cayenne is recommended.

Lemon water preparation

To prepare a glass of lemon water, you need to have a fresh lemon and cut it into half. The lemon should then be squeezed as is into a bowl so that its juice can be collected. This juice should then be mixed with a glass of water and consumed. The desired water content that is mixed can vary depending on preference. For the effects that have been discussed above to be achieved; half of a medium sized lemon should be used. If more lemon juice is desired, the other half of lemon juice can be consumed too. The temperature at which the lemon water is taken is also up to preference. Cold or warm water should do. Avoid hot water as it would denature the enzymes that are in the lemon juice.


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