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Important Information About Breast Cancer And Awareness Of Breast Cancer

Updated on March 22, 2011

Every woman should know some important information about breast cancer and so awareness of breast cancer is very important. There are some women who are affected by breast cancer due to various reasons. In most cases, the breast cancer is caused by an exposure to some carcinogen, though there seems to be no cause in many people. Heredity plays a major role in the cause of breast cancer too.

Self examination is a very important aspect in the breast cancer detection. As any other cancer, breast cancer needs to be identified as early as possible. This is because of the fact that if there is a delay in the diagnosis of cancer, then it can lead to various problems including metastases of cancer and poor prognosis. Early detection of breast cancer is possible with adequate self examination.

The breast examination should be done at regular intervals. Monthly examination would be the best for any person who is at breast cancer risk. There are various things that a self breast examination comprises of. The first thing that the woman has to check is to see if there is any open sore in the breast. This is very important because the sore that does not heal is a sign of breast cancer in most instances. Other than checking for sore, you also have to check for the presence of any lumps in the breast. The presence of lumps could signify the presence of breast cancer too.

Manual inspection of the breasts for presence of breast lumps forms an important part of breast examination. There are also other signs of the presence of cancer. Loss of weight, progressive weakness and various other signs are the common breast cancer symptoms. As soon as the breast cancer signs and symptoms are identified, the affected person should visit the physician and then the oncologist to get the cancer treated.

The treatment includes radiation therapy where radiation is passed to kill the cells in the tumor. Other than this, chemotherapy is also given. There are various antibiotics and medications given to kill the cancer cells. Surgical removal of the cancer cells is also another option that the person who is suffering from breast carcinoma has. The decision on the treatment depends on the physician who will decide depending on the presence or absence of metastases and also based on the severity of the disease.

Any person who is suffering from breast cancer can seek support from the various breast cancer support groups too. These breast cancer support groups are available in almost all countries and support those who are suffering from breast cancer. These breast cancer support groups also provide breast cancer awareness, so that women will be able to identify the presence of the disease early enough to improve the prognosis in case the disease is present.


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      susannah42 7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for this info. It is very important.