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Important Information on Second Hand Smoke

Updated on August 22, 2010

Important Information on Second Hand Smoke

 Did you know that each year second hand smoke causes 600 000 deaths?  Second hand smoke is described as the type of smoke that is exhaled by smokers and is the smoke that is released when such tobacco products as water pipes, cigarettes and bidis are burnt.  The majorities of us have breathed in second hand smoke but we regard it as harmless as we may not actually be smoking the cigarettes.  Nonetheless, second hand smoke is hazardous as it contains many chemical including ammonia, arsenic and cyanide, which are known to cause cancer when taken in huge amounts.  You may not even be aware but breathing in second hand smoke exposes you to many infections and diseases such as respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia and you could also begin to sneeze and cough and get a sore throat.  In asthmatic individuals, second hand smoke is believed to trigger asthmatic attacks and causes cancer and heart diseases as well as sudden death in infants.

 One thing you must realize is that the effects of second hand smoke are felt almost instantaneously.  If you are not a smoker, inhaling second hand smoke may affect your breathing and your performance in sports activities that you were initially comfortable performing.  Chances are that you will draw in second hand smoke if you reside with individuals who are smokers and it is very important to avoid inhaling their smoke by asking them to smkoe out of the house as opposed to inside.  Cigarette smoke is said to hang in the air hours after the cigarettes have been put out and it stays on the upholstery for a while afterwards.  This means that each time a person smokes in your home then goes away, you are left to breathe in the second hand smoke.

 You must avoid travelling in the same vehicle with smokers even when they say they will blow the smoke outside the window.  Nonetheless, whilst this is very thoughtful of the smoker, it does not diminish your exposure to second hand smoke.  The smoke might be blown back inside by the wind and this is not safe regardless of whether it is occasional or temporary.  Sitting or walking away from individuals who smoke is not only the most successful but also the simplest way of handling second hand smoke.  By staying away from second hand smoke, you are guaranteed of a long and healthy life free from infections and diseases that have been brought on by someone else.


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