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Important Pcos info

Updated on August 8, 2009

How to cope with Pcos?

Many woman suffer from pcos worldwide hence it is important to study pcos symptoms,pcos diet ,pcos cure|treatment since it helps to fight it.

What is Pcos?

Pcos is the short form for Polycystic ovary syndrome is woman specific ailment and many women who suffer from this condition do not know that they have it till the time they try to conceive and find that they can not. When there is an increased and unbalanced production of hormones,ovaries are overstimulated resulting in formation of lots of small harmless ovarian cysts.Pcos occurs due the excess production of male hormone testosterone causing hormonal imbalance in women.

How does Pcos affect women?

1.Pcos is the major factor causing infertility in women by stopping natural ovulation.

2.Pcos causes thinning of hair in the head.

3.Pcos causes embarrassing hair growth in face,chest and torso.

4.Pcos causes irregular menstrual periods.

5.Pcos may cause sudden outbreaks of acne.

6.Pcos causes considerable weight gain.

What are the pcos symptoms?

The pcos symptoms are listed below.

1.Inability to conceive.

2.Appearance of acne after skipped menstrual periods.

3.Thinning of hair on the head.

4.Sudden weight gain.

5.Increased hair growth on face,chest and torso.

What is the recommended pcos diet ?

Devise a pcos diet plan suitable to your health condition by consulting your doctor.The following diet tips may help.

1.Take whole grain foods.

2.Add lots of fiber to your diet.

3.Consume more vegetables.

4.Drink lots of plain water between helpings and in between meals and avoid beverages.

5.Cut down your alcohol intake.

6.Avoid deep frying of food and switch to baking even if the taste is reduced.

7.Avoid sweets and ice cream.

8.Do not skip meals but eat sensibly.

What is pcos cure or pcos treatment?

Pcos symptoms can be easily controlled by insulin regulating drugs.Drugs also can be used to regularize your menstrual cycle and to prevent acne and facial hair growth.Consult your doctor for medications suitable to your

health conditions.

Plan a proper workout routine and stick to it since it was found that exercises really help reduce weight and subsequent normalization and optimization of hormone levels.



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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Its good you are making people aware of this. Hope all is well with you in India. :)