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Important Things You Need To Know About Mental Health Counseling

Updated on August 23, 2017

Sometimes life becomes so hard for us to bear especially when we are faced with problems that seem to be too hard to solve or when experiencing emotional turmoil due to some unexpected incidents in our lives. When it seems like you can no longer properly handle yourself because of these instances and you think that no one in your family, peers, and group of friends can help you get through this hardship, it is best to find someone professional to talk to like a mental health counselor.

What is mental health counselling?

A mental health counselling or therapy, also referred to as talk therapy or psychotherapy, is a treatment method that aims to enhance a person's mental wellness. This type of treatment method does not only help people who are suffering from mental health disorder but also those who are going through behavior and emotional problems. Most of the time, mental health counseling or therapy is done in combination with prescription mental health disorder medication.

Who needs mental health counseling?

Contrary to common belief, you do not need to be crazy or seriously mentally ill to need the help of a compassionate and professional mental health counsellor. You do not need to get to the point when you are already too desperate or totally crack-up before you seek professional help. At the same time, you may also do not need to go for a mental therapy or counselling session for every struggle you experience in life especially if you are surrounded by family and friends who strongly support you.

People have various reasons why they seek professional help. Some of these reasons include depression, stress and anxiety, phobias, trauma, unmanageable, compulsions and addictions, marriage problems (like divorce, infidelity, and other marital issues), career choice, mid-life crisis, financial crisis, insomnia, domestic abuse or violence, sexual abuse, family or parenting problems, fertility issues, bereavement, aging concerns, serious health issues, and sudden loss of a close friend or a loved one.

How does mental health counselling and therapy help you?

Mental health counselling and therapy includes more than just talking about your thoughts, feelings, and the issues or problems. Aside from giving you the chance to speak up and receive advice from a professional counsellor, you will also learn new ways and techniques to think about the problem in a different perspective, which can help you successfully cope with the feelings of anxiety, panic, fear, anger, and shyness, and get through the situations. The mental health counsellor or therapist can help you come up with the best and the right solutions for your problems. They can also provide you with tools that can help you fight against depression and low self-esteem.

What are the common causes of mental illness?

Mental illness or disorder is a condition that influences how an individual behaves, feels, thinks, and relates to both his surroundings and the people around him. Although there are already a lot of studies being carried out, the researchers cannot still identify the exact cause of mental illness. What is certain today is that mental illness can be due to the combination psychological, environmental, biological, and genetic factors.


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