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Improve Eyesight With Eye Exercises And Eye Vitamins

Updated on May 24, 2016

Your Vision Care

Be Pro-Active In Your Vision Care
Be Pro-Active In Your Vision Care | Source

Dr Bates - The Forerunner Of Eye Exercises

The Bates method was established by Dr Bates, the forerunner of natural vision improvement method. 

He was an: Eye-care physician, and his full name is William Horatio Bates, M.D., (1860–1931).  He attributed most sight problems to constant eye strain.  He felt that wearing glasses was harmful and not necessary.

Bates is the publisher of a book, and also a course of magazines.  His focus was on relieving eye strain, and by this, he claimed to improve eyesight.

Anti Eye Aging Tips... Keep Your Eyes Happy


Check Out This Post On Mother Nature's Blog

Here are 15 ways to protect your eyes against aging vision... and even improve your eyes.

It's about lifestyle changes,

eye exercises,

eye relaxation,

eye vitamins and nutrients.

These are easy ways to start becoming pro-active in your vision care. No need to list it all here, read it on the site :) It's worth it.

Your Eye Can Learn


Eye Can Learn - Pictures, Puzzles And Games About Seeing

I found this great site that is all about the actual process of seeing. It is "Eye Can Learn", and it has some great information and puzzles and games and pictures to test your "seeing".

Here is an example of just a few eye learning and seeing activities:

Vision Perception Skills Visual perception is how we, uniquely, WE understand, and analyze, and process and interpret that what we see. Check out the following games and puzzles on the following website. You can even improve your visual perception with these games and puzzles.

Visual Discrimination: is one form of visual perception. This is how we actually can see the difference between similar objects. The better our visual discrimination, the less confused we see the world we are in. One such example would be the difference between "was" and then "saw", these are different and yet look the same.

Visual Memory is also an important visual perceptual skill. This is what helps us remember what we saw. Again, check out the puzzles on the following site to test your skill at this, and even enhance your skill.

Example Of Visual Perception Puzzles

courtesy wikipedia
courtesy wikipedia
courtesy wikipedia
courtesy wikipedia

Our Tears System

Some Trivial Eye Information

Why do we blink?  It protects our eyes by moistening them. Blinking causes the moisture of the eye to be spread around.  (Hence - Near Point Stress is a big problem today because, when you stare at a screen, YOU ACTUALLY DECREASE YOU BLINKING RATE.)

The giant squid as the largest known eyes, and they are the size of about a watermelon!

The human eye actually has the most ACTIVE muscles, so who says we shouldn't be exercising our eyes to get them and keep them in shape?.

A newborn baby does not yet produce tears.

Our brain receives the information our eyes "see" via the optic nerve. Our brain than decides what to do with this information.  Our eyes are more complicated than the biggest  and  best computers in the world!  Think about that.

Living With AMD


A Great Site About Living With AMD

Millions of people (including to very dear friends of mine) have macular degeneration. Millions are able to continue their lifestyle, and do what they always did. AMD causes a loss of your central vision, and usually, you retain the peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is that what is outside of your central vision.

Reading will become very difficult. You may lose your drivers license, and, unfortunately there will be a loss of other activities. For instance, my friend had to stop leading the choir, she could no longer see the music.

Since there is different degrees of vision loss, and also different degrees of how fast the vision loss proceeds, living with AMD is different for each individual.

On this website, they give you ideas of how to live with AMD, how to prepare for it, as best as possible, and also the tools available to help you see the best you can.

Here is the website, it really is worth the read,

You Don't Want To Go Here Without Perfect Eyesight

Improve Vision - Night Driving

I did eye exercises because I could not drive the highways at night.  The lights went all wavy on my, and the lanes seemed to run into each other.

I am not thrilled about driving the highway at night now, but, I CAN, and I do when I need to.  I find that quite awesome


A wave of blue, or is it green, or, is it really pink?

Check the picture below - Because the answer is:  It's a wave of pink!

Protanopia: One form of color blindness or, color vision deficiency. If you have this condition you will be unable to tell the difference between the colors in the green yellow -red part of the spectrum.

Someone may say "Wow, look at those beautiful pink cherry blossoms." And, those who have protanopia may reply, "You mean those blue/green flowers?"

Because pink flowers, as they reflect both red and blue light, may look blue in the eyes of the protanope.

April Showers Will Bring May Eye Allergies


It Is A Wave Of Pink For Those Of Us Without Color Blindness

Use An Eyechart To Track Your Progress

Improve Eyesight


Age Related Macular Degeneration


Eye Vitamins

Did you know that there are actually a set of vitamins the will help your eye health?

A combination of eye vitamins, good nutrition, good lifestyle will help you keep your eye health remain strong as you age.

There is much you can do to help yourself against Age Related Macular Degeneration.

- don't smoke
- don't drink too much
- drink lots and lots of good clear water
- exercises - yes go out and walk more
- eat nutrient dense foods
- take your eye vitamins
- and, take your omega 3! ( Check out the blog posts about Omega 3 Benefits For The Eye)

Always Take Time To Look At A Faraway Object

Eye Vitamins

Your eyes crave the vitamins and nutrition they need to remain healthy
Your eyes crave the vitamins and nutrition they need to remain healthy | Source

What are some ways to improve eyesight?

Here are some short and easy to do answers!

1 - Lifestyle

Which means a change in what you eat, adding some supplements to your diet (in today's food world, it is almost impossible to get all the nutrients you need from food.)

Nutrients for your eyes will need to include: Vitamins A, and C, and E, and also you need minerals such as copper, zinc which are essential to your eyesight.

You need antioxidants to help protect the macula from sun damage, and foods that are rich in sulfur, in cysteine, and in lecithin help protect your lens from cataracts. Also, omega-3 fat (DHA from fish oil) which provides support to cell membranes to boost your eye health.

There are omega 3 fish oils and eye vitamins available for you.... Check Out The Cambridge Institute For Better Vision at for many natural ways to help your maintain, or achieve eye health.

Exercise and get moving. Exercising has shown to have huge benefits for your eye health. Go for a walk (take your dog), go biking, running, anything that gets you outside!

2 - Environmental And Self Created Toxins

Of course the self created toxins are none other than smoking. And, this is a no brainer, but quit smoking. Smoking damages your eyes and affects your eyesight, especially if you already have a tendency towards age related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Other toxins (and you may be surprised at these) are: fluorescent lights, staring for long times at computer screens, causing computer eye strain syndrome, environmental allergens, also, if you love swimming watch out for too much chlorine in swimming pools. And always wear the right eye wear to protect your eyes when in toxic environments. ps don't forget to wear sunglasses to protect against UV rays.

3 - Get Enough Rest ... Relax Your Eyes

Again, take lots of "eye breaks" when watching or looking too long and intensely at a computer, or any other screen / monitor.

Relax your eyes by palming a number of times during the day. It takes minutes and has huge benefits on your eye health. Check out this article on relaxing and palming your eyes.

Keep Your Eyes Moving

Tips To Improve Eyesight:

So, keep your eyes moving! This may be one of the most important tips you can get in today's busy computer, video and big TV screen world.

Remember when mom told you "Don't stare" Well, she was totally right.  Staring is one of the worst things you can do to your eyes.

"Fixed Focus" anywhere, when you do it for hours at a time and at one distance for a prolonged time - is extremely stressful to your eyes. Using your computer,or even reading a book (that's why students get such tired eyes, especially during exam time.  Even driving a car are some examples of "fixed focus" work.

You can manage this by making sure every 10 minutes, look up, look around, preferably at something more than 10 feet away, and do this for about 10 seconds.

Try to take time to keep your eyes in constant motion.  They can be programmed for fixed vision, and that is not good.

Spring Is Coming - Use Your Eyes - Look Around Your Environment

Remember the game "I spot with my little eye"  ... well start playing that again, yes, you can play it by yourself!
Remember the game "I spot with my little eye" ... well start playing that again, yes, you can play it by yourself!

The Little Purple Bilberry With Lots Of Attitude

Why Does My Vision Get Worse at Night? Can A Lttle Purple Fruit Help?

Are you struggling to walk in the dark if you wake up at night?  Or, are you having problems driving at night, with the lights, the dark and seeing the lanes properly? Then you have night blindness, or otherwise officially known as: Nyctalopia.

Our night vision as humans is not as good as an animals vision at night.  Even if we have excellent vision. Cats have more rods than cones, so they see better at night. (Rods are receptors.  The eyes use these receptors for night vision.)

Rumor has it, that it takes about 20 minutes to seriously adjust to night light, or, lack of light at night. As dusk approaches, in nature, our pupils slowly enlarge, and thereby we see "more" of what we are looking at.

At the same time, when our pupils are large, it is harder to change focus quickly, like when driving for instance.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest causes for our night vision change is age, and as of yet we cannot stop time.

But, there are certain things we can do to help manage our aging vision.

1 - Do change your lifestyle to a better one.  You know what to do, right?  Like eat better, drink less, except water - drink more, exercise, don't smoke, lot's of omega 3 the good fats.

2. Vitamin A (It is absolutely required by your retina) And do not overdose on this vitamin if you take supplements, it will build up in your body.

3. Bilberry is smaller than a blueberry,and it is a deep purple color; it has a stronger taste than blueberries.  I am familiar with billberries being of European descent.

Bilberries are associated with improving night vision.

And, to go a step further, laboratory studies show evidence that eating bilberries could help manage, and even help to reverse eye-disorders especially like macular degeneration.

And, eye exercise programs, stemming back to Dr Bates, over 100 years ago, are available.

Manage Your Computer Vision Stress

Computer vision stress relief
Computer vision stress relief | Source

Relieve Your Computer Stress Eye Syndrome

A question was asked on Yahoo Questions... "My eyes get tired when I work on the computer, what can I do"

Well, computer vision is a huge problem for eyes and vision. Many people are spending hours and hours on the computer, and then their cell phone, and then video games.

The problem?

When you work or play on any screen often times you end up staring intensely, even to the point of NOT blinking. This can cause tremendous amounts of eye strain and cause many symptoms, including nausea, dry eyes, headaches, long term vision problems, and much more.

You can learn to minimize your vision problems from "near point stress" by doing eye exercises, or eye relaxation exercises throughout your time in front of a screen.

1 - Palming: It's easy and effective.

- Warm the palms of your hands (NOT hot) either by holding something warm, or blowing on your palms. Then cup your palms over your eyes (don't touch your eyes) and hold this way for a few seconds to a few minutes.

2 - Do the 10 10 10 Rule (some promote the 20 20 20 rule)

- Every 20 minutes, look away at something 20 feet, for 20 seconds. Easy and effective

Learn more about eye exercises and relaxation tips while on the computer right here!

Macular Degeneration Video One

A Few Simple Eye Exercises

We stretch, we exercise we look after (those of us who care about our bodies) our bodies, our muscles. There are exercises for just about every single muscle we have. And many of us do exercise these muscles.  So why  be surprised that you can add your eye muscles to the list.

1) Blinking

We blink by nature.  We blink automatically.  That is, most of the time. Blinking keeps our eyes moist, it even helps us focus. And most important, it "rejuvenates" the eye.  BUT, in our new modern lifestyle, our eyes do not get the "blinking" time needed.  We stare, for hours at screens...TV, Computer, Video, Movies.  And, pay attention to your blinking rate while you are starting at these almost stop blinking.  This is called near point stress.  The good eye programs will teach you how to avoid and manage near point stress.
2) Then There Is Palming

Palming is an old exercise, or, procedure, and I believe it goes back to Dr Bates time, over 100 years ago.  There are different methods, but, a simple one is:

- gently blow on the palm of your hands (or hold your palms over a cup of hot water) and make sure your palms are not HOT

- Now take you gently heated palms and cup them over your eyes.  Close your lids, relax you eyes.  You can do that a number of times a day, especially during computer / TV time.

3) Tracing A Huge Clock    

Close your eyes, and imagine a huge clock.  Now gently follow the hands of that imaginary clock all the way around, and then do the same counter clock wise.  This is also a great exercise to relax and stop your eyes from near point stress.
4) Focussing on distant objects

Throughout the day your eyes are usually focused within a certain small area/range.  So, many times during the day, just focus on something far away from you.

Always see your eye professional. Never ever self diagnose or assume anything when it comes to your eyes!!!  And also, this article is meant to give information, and never to treat or diagnose.


These products are not intended to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Hub is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your doctor.

Thank you

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Overall it's worth it! Probably too soon for you though. You're still going to have some minor body cheangs though your early 20s. I waited until my mid-20s. If your prescription has been stable for a few years though you should be good. You doctor will be able to advise.If you go to a reputable surgeon the risks are minimal, but always there. You will have to read the disclaimer packet, or at least sign off that you read it, of everything that is likely to go wrong.As to what treatment that depends on your eyesight and your doctor. If your sight is really that bad your only option may be RK, if I recall correctly. I believe that is the most aggressive treatment.As to what to expect. On the way home, If you eye-numbing drops wear out before your pill pain-killers kick in it is going to feel like someone put out cigarettes in both of your eyes. It happened to me, and I will label it as extreme discomfort just under true pain. Hopefully the valium will still be in your system and you won't care as much as you normally would. (This is the only thing I wished I was warned about that I was not) The first week or two of post operation care is a pain in the ****. Lots of eye drops, but better than getting an infection. You will probably need to keep a bottle of re-wetting drops on-hand for about 5-7 months after the surgery. My doc put me on Restasis for two weeks before my surgery to really get the tear production going into overdrive. I think this helped quite a bit with getting over the dry-eye factor after the surgery.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This method works but it needs a lot of cmotimment. If you are able to throw away your lenses and keep to a program which requires an hour out of every day then go for it. However, if you need to wear your specs every day just to function for driving, computer work etc then you needn't waste your cash. This won't work for you. I once had a period in my life during which I didn't need to have my glasses on and I was able to practise every day. I gained such an improvement in my prescription that when I returned to the eye-doctor I was for the first time qualified to drive without glasses, and, though my eyesight is still not perfect, I have never worn spectacles since.Expect immediate effects, which might seem quite dramatic. After that progress is slower. The four stars I gave this book is because it is the original. There are, however, better expositions of the method on the market.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I am not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this info for my mission. cceaddbdcgag

    • Bodybreak profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you Yair-Yahav @

    • Yair Yahav profile image

      Yair Yahav 

      4 years ago from ISRAEL

      Excellent blog, you have beautifully described various eye Vitamins and eye exercise programs that are effective for improving the condition the poor eyesight. I really enjoyed when I read your content. It will be helpful for those who want improve vision naturally without any surgery.

    • SallyGreeves profile image


      7 years ago from London

      Really good article, I totally agree about the modern lifestyle being conducive to straining of the eyes. I have always worn glasses and latterly contact lenses (which suite me far better) I had heard a lot about Omega 3's & Vitamin A's, but I will definitely try your advice on bilberries.


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