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Improve Your Brain Power

Updated on June 10, 2012

Researchers have conducted many experiments and proved that by actively using our brains, we can enhance our brain power. Not only that, we can prevent Alzheimer’s disease also. There are a few easy and simple techniques adopting which we can achieve the best results.

- As the saying goes, "laughter is the best medicine". Laughter can not only improve your physical health but can contribute effectively in enhancement of your brain power also. It stimulates amagdale of your brain. In fact, your brain becomes active due to laughter. Some people laugh uncontrollably till tears start rolling down. If you laugh like that, you get rid of cortisil, the stress-related hormone.

- Physical exercises can improve your memory and brain power. Exercises improve blood circulation to the brain. This in turn carries endorphins to the brain. Especially, exercises that involve your sense of balance can effectively improve brain power.

- You should keep looking for new experiences. You can try a new route to office, try a new restaurant, visit a new place and so on. Such new experiences stimulate the brain and if the brain is active, you can certainly see good results in your efforts to enhance your brain power.

- You should never forego your sleep. You should ensure to have a good night's sleep for about 8 hours. Researchers have proved that the brain releases a chemical known as ceritonin and only with its help, you can store whatever information you get. According to an estimate, about 4 million bits of information reach our brains daily. Human brain is analogous to a large computer and it files and stores all these bits of information. It can recuperate them only if you sleep well.

- Learning a new language is a great mental exercise and it can make your brain highly active. If you think that you are quite aged and you can not learn a new language, you can not be more wrong. Age can not be an impediment for learning a new language.

- Mind games like Chess, Scrabble, etc. involve a lot of mental activities. Since you will always think about the strategies you should adopt while playing these games, you can easily improve your brain power. A few other brain games that can help are Bridge, Euchre, Agricola, Cities and Knights, etc.

- Those who are interested in solving mathematical problems will have active brains and so, their brain power will certainly be more than average. Likewise, poets and artists who use their imagination and creativity may also have good brain power.

- Last not but the least, reading books is a great way to improve your brain power.

You may not be able to adopt all the steps. So, you can choose the ones that can suit you, adopt them and benefit immensely.


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