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Improve Your Eyesight With These Natural Home Remedies

Updated on February 5, 2018
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I find myself reading and learning something new everyday so i decided to share that knowledge on a platform filled with curious minds.


Structure and Function of The Eye

The eye is a complex but rather delicate structure, over time succumbing to the everyday strain and use we burden it with. I will explain the general anatomy of the eye for those interested, and for those not interested just skip ahead to the next paragraphs.

The outer part of the eye is called the wall of the eye, which is divided into 3 layers, the outer, middle, and inner layer.

  • The outer layer is called the Fibrous Tunic: made up of the Cornea and the Sclera.The Cornea is a clear, dome shaped structure that lets in light to further be processed. The Sclera is the connective tissue surrounding the eye (the white part around the eye).
  • The middle layer of the eye is called vascular tunic, which is divided into 3 parts: the Iris, Choroid, and Ciliary Body.The Iris is the colored part of the eye and controls the amount of light entering the eye by changing pupil size; pupil is black center area of the eye. The Choroid supplies the retina with oxygen and nutrients with the added function of producing pigmentation. Lastly, the Ciliary body helps the eye focus on objects close by or in the distance by manipulating the shape of the lens (more on the lens later).
  • The inner layer of the eye is called the neural tunic, containing the Retina. The Retina is made up of nerve cells that convert the incoming light rays into electrical signals that can be processed by the brain. The Optic Nerve is the information highway that connects the Retina to the brain.

The Inner part/or inside of the eye contains the lens, a structure responsible for focusing light on the retina and on objects close by or far away, with help from the Ciliary Body.

Causes of Eye Disorders

The delicate and sensitive nature of the eye makes it susceptible to many eye disorders that we are either born with or succumb to over time (old age). Eye doctors look for Refractive Errors or areas where the light entering the eye becomes distorted to the point where your focus becomes blurred. So if you are not born with a particular eye disorder, what causes the eyes to change to the point of needing glasses/contacts or even surgery? Well One study that was conducted between Chinese children (of similar age) from Sidney and Singapore showed interesting results. The children from Sidney spent on average 4 times more time outside than children from Singapore. The exposure to outside elements with the subsequent lack of exposure to phones/computers/television which require a lot of focus was statistically observed. This may have been a small scale observation but nonetheless an interesting result.

Remedies for Eye Disorders

Besides going outside or avoiding the temptations of technology, which for some is impossible, what else can we do to improve eyesight? First of all, getting enough nutrients and minerals can play a critical role in maintaining or improving eyesight. Proper eye function require Vitamin A, C, and E which can be found in Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, or eggs. Lecithin and cysteine can protect the lens of your eye and is found in foods such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, onions, or eggs. Antioxidants will also help maintain your eyes and keep them functioning properly. Any dark leafy greens, eggs, blueberries. grapes, sweet potatoes or even pumpkins will provide a source of antioxidants.

Proper bed rest is an often neglected but crucial aspect of eyesight longevity. While you sleep the body goes through the necessary processes of repair and recovery in order for you to do what you do, this includes your eyes. Overtime, your eyes will become more fatigued and function sub optimally so try to get your 8 hours of sleep. If 8 hours is not ideal or just impossible, taking a nap whenever you can or taking 5-10 minute breaks after an hour of steady work can do wonders as well. While you take your 5-10 minute breaks you can do a simple eye exercise for optimal function. Move your eyes up (hold for 2 seconds), down (hold for 2 seconds), left then right (hold for 2 seconds each) then follow a path of a circle going from the right side all the way round until your eyes are facing up, close you eyes for 5 seconds then repeat 5-10 times.

That concludes this somewhat brief article. I hope this article helps you to at least maintain your eyesight so that you don't need new glasses which are quite expensive these days i must say. For those who still require new glasses every couple years because of their degrading eyesight, talk to your eye doctor and maybe surgery is right for you.


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