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Improve your health with Sleekgeek

Updated on May 13, 2014

Sleekgeek Community

The Sleekgeek Revolution was started by Elan Lohmann through his experience of bad health and smoking he decided to change his lifestyle by eating 80% clean and moving as much as possible. He is really an inspiration as his 30 days Detox program works wonders as the have been success stories through his facebook page and the great thing about this community is that the members are very kind, motivational and Elan is very engaged. The most great thing is that it is not a diet.

Its starts with a simple 30 days detox program, in this program you follow straight no exception for full 30 days and you will see results and feel renewed some of the rules that you can get on their website includes: exclude the following from your food intake; No alcohol, no added sugar, no legumes, no grains and no diary for the next 30 days you are on this program. Of course for a few days you will get headache and upset tummy as you body is readjusting or resetting through the detox. If you full of the wagon you can always start again and this program is totally free.

You will not be alone on this journey as the facebook community is there to support, guide and inspire you to continue on this journey of eating clean and exercising and the good thing this all happens on your on schedule.

since being a member on facebook wow I am amazed with the results of this lifestyle change community, i am still on my journey but those completed the journey there are some big difference in their before and after photos by just changing what they eat, no diets, no pills just eating clean and training hard .

On the website they have competition where you win prizes for completing the challenges, there is also inspirational stories on how people lives has changed since adopting the eat clean and train dirty lifestyle .



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